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   {😜Bad boy in love😜

      Episode      30.


Uh? Phil. 

 He smiles at him and gesture for me to come. 
What is he doing here? He never comes here unless during the day. 

 What's he doing here at night? 

 I open the window and he smiles at me. 

 "What are you doing here? "
 I ask with my eyes widened and he smiles at me. 

 "Nothing, I just wanted to see you. That's all. "
 He Shrugs and I look down at the clock. 


 "You came to See Me this late at night? How did you escaped? "
 I ask him before gesturing for him to move. 
He did and hold out his hand to me. 
I grab it and he pulls me out through the window. 

 "I use my window. I needed to see you  "
 He says and we both fall down on the grass. 

 I can't believe he's here. To See Me, at 10:30pm.

 "Okay then, I'm all ears. What do you have to say? "
 I sit up on the grass and pull my legs to my knees. 

 "You said you don't like the boyfriends anymore but you're still listening to them. "
 He says and I smile. 

 "I don't love the singer doesn't mean I don't like the song. "
 I say to him, turning to look at him but he looks away. 

 "Why are you here? "
 I raise my brows and he sighs. 

 "I want to tell you something. "
 He always says he wants to tell me something but he never says it. 
I wonder what exactly
it is that he want to tell me. 

 "Okay then  go on. "
 I say to him and he sighs again. 

 "Remember that day I got beaten up by my parents because my brother told a lie on me and I told you? "
 He says and I chuckle, remembering the moment. 
 "Yea, we were eleven then. "
 I smile. Me and him have really gone a long way now that I think about it. 

 "You went to my brother and his groups of friends fuming. When his friends made fun of me, you beat them up and you would have beaten up my brother if I hadn't interfere. "
 He chuckles and I did the same. 

 His brother lied on him that he secretly went out at midnight, even though his brother was the one that did. 
Phil being Phil couldn't say anything but to just cry and his parents thought it was him and beat him very hard that day. 
I was so angry when he told me. How can a brother do that to his younger one? 

 "Yes, I remember. Why are you telling me this though? "
 I turn to him and he also look at me. 

 "Cause that was the first time I stopped seeing you as just a best friend and start seeing you as a girl that I'm attracted to. "

 "I like you Arielle. "




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