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😜{Bad boy in love}😜


🌹 Arielle Lawson 🌹

It was time for prep and I was all dressed up in my trainers.

Well am a basketball player, the best female player my school could possibly produce.

"What's up guys." I did our secret handshake with my friends.

"Look who decided to show up." Michelle said.

Michelle is what I call pain in the ass. She finds offense in whatever I do.

Have gotten use to it so I don't complain anymore.

"Hi Michelle." I SMiled brightly.

" So nice for you to turn up Arie we just about to play the friendly game." Sabrina said with a smile.

" Whatever. " Michelle rolled her eyes and pass me the ball.

I noticed someone else was in the basketball court.

It was Phil , my best friend. For some reasons he's acting weird of recent and he won't say what's wrong.

All the time I was playing my attention were at his place, he seems lost like something is bothering him.

Okay that's it am just gonna make him spill the beans sooner or later.

He can't possibly starts avoiding me for no solid reasons tho.

"Bring it in guys."  Jenielle said as we did out team handshake.

" Alright guys that was a nice turn up, I hope we train more like this some other time but for now I've something to attend to, see you guys later. " I picked up my backpack.

" Bye Arie. " Sabrina and jenielle said while Michelle had a smirk on.

I went through the other exit and got to where Phil was seated watching the whole court.

" Boom!?" I said to scare him and it worked.

" Gosh Arie don't sneak up on me like that." He said with a hand on his chest.

" Am sorry man. You were kinda lost for a while , mind telling me what the problem is?" I took my seat beside him.

He exhaled Sharply and looked at me for a brief moment.

" It's nothing Arie." He mumbled sadly and looked away.

" You should know better than to lie to me Phil." I folded my arms.

" Okay fine it's about us, I think I'm in l..

He was cut off by a second year student.

" Am sorry to bother you guys but principal Randall request for you Arielle." She said smartly.

Principal Randall??

" Why?" I blurted out as Phil looked at me strangely.

" That I can't say. " She said and walked away.

" What did you do Ari?' Phil raised his eyebrows.

" I don't know, there's just one way to find out." I stood up.

" About what I was about to say."

" We'll talk about it later Phil." I interrupted.



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