Friday, 26 June 2020



 {😜Bad Boy in love😜}

       Episode   29.


 I raise my head and a gasp slid through my throat. It's Calvin. 

 "Hey cutie. "
 He smiles at me and I gulp in nervously before bowing a little. 

 "Um, you ordered pizza. "
 I raise the pizza and he looks down at me, smiles and collect the pizza from me. 

 He gives me the money and I take it from him; bowing again. 

 "Do you want to come in? "
 He asks and I gulp in, wondering what he's talking about. 
Why should I go in? 

 "No, I still have work to do. "
 I smile politely and he shakes his head. 

 "I know that but come in for a cup of coffee or something? "
 I look at his house and back at my bicycle. 

 I follow the same action before shaking my head. 

 "No, it's okay. I'll be going now. "
 I bow to him before walking back to my bicycle. 

 I got on it and drive back to the coffee shop. 
There's something about him that I don't feel comfortable with and I don't know why but something just feels off. 

 I shake my head and enter the shop, ignoring Emily who's giving me some weird looks. 
 But why is Calvin at his house already, didn't they went to the California show anymore? 

 Did they got delayed because of me? 

 I shake my head and walk towards the counter. 

 I lay down on my bed and stare at The ceiling. Sister still hadn't arrive and it's almost midnight. 

 I know she told me not to wait for her but I still want to, I won't be able to sleep well until I know she's back home and safe. 

 I take my phone from beside me and turn on the connection when a notification comes in. 

  Someone added me to the school group chat and the school main group where all gists abut the school goes on. 

 I open the group chat and there are just talks about the girlfriend and boyfriends. 

 I roll my eyes and turn off my connection before playing a song on my phone. 

 It's one of the boyfriends music and it's my most favorite one amongst every other one they've ever sang. 

 It's titled 'BELIEVE '

 I nod as head as I sing along to the song. 

  🎶 Because I. I. I still believe, still believe. In you and me. 

 🎤 Cause every night, I go to sleep. Go to sleep, i can see you like a movie in my dreams. 

 🎶 Put my face in the dirt on the ground. 

  🎤 Still, I raise up back to take the. 

  🎶 You can break my body, yeah but you can't take the soul of a man down. 

 Chase and Ian sang this part. Their voice blends so well and it's such a beautiful sound. 

 I was still humming to the song when a knock comes lightly. 

 I thought it's just my imagination but the knock gets louder and I pause the music, wondering where it's coming from. 

 The knock comes again and I look at the window to see someone I never expected.



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