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Season 3

Episode 9

(Do it or go to hell)

Emily remained silent, which made Debby so nervous. She grasped Emily's arm and implored, "Emily, I beg you to save my Tina, please! I know you hate her, but she is my... For the sake of our family, please save her..."    

Debby's words hit Emily very badly. She bit her lips and closed her eyes to calm down.    

Everyone wanted her to save Tina, the woman that caused Emily just pain and sufferings.    

Emily did not understand how it was possible that Tina still had so many people on her side. People who loved her and cared about her regardless of all the terrible things she had done. Emily had been always a good person, and life gave her back lemons. Tina instead was evil and cared for nobody but herself. But in return, she had a pretty happy life. The life that Emily had never gotten.  

'She caught the lucky train eventually, ' Emily thought.    

Emily had nothing compared to Tina. She had been betrayed, tortured and ashamed in her life. At least, life gave her a rest when she met Jacob, the only man that made her feel safe and wanted.  

Debby couldn't wait any longer. Tina's life was in danger, and Emily had to do something soon, "You shouldn't be so cruel! Don't fold your hands and see her die, Emily. 

No one deserves to die. Plus, if you do not do something, you will regret it for the rest of your life! Please Emily, do something! She is your… your…"    

Debby didn't finish — she was your sister! However, this time she didn't have the gut to say so in front of the Taos. Either way, Emily clearly understood what she was trying to say...    

Emily closed her eyes and sighed. She looked at Debby intently and spelled out each and every word, "Mom, you want to deceive me again."  

At first, Debby didn't realize why Emily said so, but after a few seconds, she got it and went pale. 

She pictured the doctor in front of her eyes. He said that immediate family members cannot donate blood for each other. If Tina was Emily's real sister, Debby wouldn't ask Emily to donate her blood. Now it was as clear as water that Debby had lied.    

"Where do I go to donate the blood?" Emily asked.    

The whole room froze, as no one was expecting this. At that moment the doctor got inside with Tina's report, and when heard Emily's words accompanied her immediately in the room for donating blood.  

Mark breathed in sign of relief. He knew clearly about the kidnapping, which was cooked up by Victor to get Emily's heart, in order to save his sweetheart. That showed Emily was in a good health without any blood disease. Emily and Tina's blood were compatible and if the procedure would go straight, Mark was sure that she could save his sister.    

However, he feared the worst. Debby deceived Emily and Mark had almost lost hope. He believed that Emily would have never helped Tina out now that she discovered they were not sisters. Fortunately, she agreed at last...  

Abbott looked thoughtfully at Debby, then he asked, "Mrs. Bai, is Miss Bai your natural daughter?"    Debby seemed scared and confused "Yes... No..."    

That answer did not make sense. Debby tried to switch the conversation and avoid a painful answer.    

Abbott's was staring at Debby with cold eyes. She was lying again. In fact, the blood test report would tell a very different story: Tina was the only one sharing the same blood type of Debby. If Emily was her natural daughter, she could not donate her blood.    

Now it was clear that this woman had lied for all these years.  

Soon after, the doctor came back and told all the people the joyful news, "Miss Bai and Miss Tao's blood have a perfect match. Miss Bai can save your daughter!"    

Everyone rejoiced. There was hope again! When the doctor was about to leave, Abbott burst in, "Wait a minute. Please take some of Miss Bai's blood, and do the paternity test."    

The doctor looked puzzled by this request, but soon all became clear. He knew that if the test was negative, there would have been unlucky consequences. But still, he replied in a respectful voice, "Okay, Mr. Tao. I will do it."  

Mark's pupils dilated. He clenched slowly his fists, then he loosened them.    

Bess rubbed her red eyes, and she had a little idea of Abbott's intentions. She held her hands together and her heart thumped fast with nervousness. It was very difficult to explain how she was feeling.    

If Tina was not their natural daughter, was that girl their real child?    

Mark knew that he could not protect his parents anymore; maybe it was time to unveil the truth. He said nothing and quietly went outside to see Emily, who was getting ready to donate blood. He whispered to the doctor, "How much blood will you take?"  

He whispered to the doctor, "How much blood will you take?"    

"Four hundred cubic centimeter."    Mark asked, "Is it enough to save my sister?"    

The doctor sighed apprehensively, "It's certainly not enough, but better than nothing. It can solve the most pressing problem right now. We have already contacted many hospitals from all around the country and abroad. They will send us useful blood as soon as possible, and we will save Miss Tao, but right now this is all we can do…"    
Mark turned red, and then spoke with his typical superior attitude, "Draw one thousand cubic centimeters."  

The doctor's face blacked, "Mr. Tao, I'm afraid that's impossible. If we take out too much blood, at best Miss Bai will go in anaphylactic shock. At worse, she could die..."    

"If you can't do it, then get out of here! I will ask another doctor to take your place,"  said Mark.    

"Don't do that, Mr. Tao. We are not playing a game here. We are talking of life…" urged the doctor.    

Mark was boiling in its own anger and arrogance, "Do it, or go to Hell!"    
The doctor clenched his fist and his face turned sour. He knew that Mark could easily have him kicked out of Jingshi City. And he could not risk loosing his job, because he had a family to maintain.  

Therefore, with his heart full of sorrow, the doctor agreed, "Okay, I will do it. But one thousand cubic centimeters are too much. I think that eight hundred cubic centimeters are enough. Mr. Tao, what do you think?"    

Mark didn't answer. He just stood, poker-faced.    

He cared for Tina above anyone else. He swore he would have done everything in his power to save her life, even if this meant to suck out every inch of Emily's blood.    

Even if Emily was almost surely his natural sister, this would change nothing. His heart had place only for one person in this world, and that sit was already occupied by Tina.  

Meanwhile, in another place.    

"At this time, don't you think you should tell the truth? Once the doctor will hand me the results of the paternity test, you won't have the chance to explain,"  Abbott said. 

He looked down at Debby with a cold and arrogant expression. He continued, "These people here are all on my side. No one will help you, so spit it out! Say it! Say that she is not your real daughter!"    

Debby was trembling, her eyes moving from one side of the room to the other. 'Then it comes to an end, ' she thought, before opening her mouth and pronouncing these words, "… Tina is not your natural daughter."  

"I know that. Now tell me something I don't know,"  said Abbott. He was clearly losing patience. Debby was hesitating. She did not know where to begin.    

But it was pointless to keep the secret anymore, because the test would be done at any time and the truth would be unveiled either way. 

So, after a long and deep sigh, she spoke, "Emily is your real daughter…"    

Bess clenched her hands and yelled desperately, "What the hell had happened? I can't believe it."  

Tina, they beloved little girl, was not their real daughter. They had lived a lie for all these years. They were all eager to know the truth. If Tina hadn't had that car accident, they would have never known that Emily was their real daughter.    

Debby kept explaining, "Mrs. Tao, do you remember the day that your daughter was born? We were in a very small town, in the outskirts of Jingshi city… Well, we were together in the same room that day. We gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. After the delivery, I exchanged our children in the cribs…"    

This said, Abbott and Bess both brought their memories back.  

It was many years ago, when the Tao clan was losing its grip on the city. In those times, to protect his family, Abbott took his pregnant wife and his son outside of the city. It was in a small town where Bess gave birth to their daughter. But in that room they were not alone. There was another pregnant woman in the same delivery room…

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