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Season 3

Episode 34

(That's my way of loving you)

"Tina, hang in there... you are gonna be fine..." Mark had no other words to comfort her, and all he could do was holding her tightly on his chest.    

Tina was struggling with pain, her body contorting all around with surprising energy. However, Mark did not move but kept both his arms around her body. Suddenly, she raised her head and asked, "Brother..."    

Hearing her weak and broken voice was heartbreaking for Mark.  

He had almost forgotten when was the last time that Tina had called him brother. All this pain, all this sorrow could have been avoided. 

They could be happy now, more importantly, a family. But life was unpredictable, and now Mark had to fight against the tears cutting his face.    

"Is that you? Brother... I feel terrible..." Her mind was so blurred that she couldn't tell if she was awake or dreaming, but she kept speaking with her last strength, "Brother, help me...help..." She mumbled, her eyes colored in a bleary red.    

"Hush, it's okay...I am here... Everything is going to be fine..." 

Mark replied, looking at her with tenderness.  

She lost her mind again and fought Mark's grip, biting, punching and kicking.    

But Mark remained still. He held her and waited for the break out to pass.    

The whole room turned dark. The air was heavy and the scene was torturing.    

Tina had never been strong and unfortunately, and life had not been totally kind with her. She had arrived at the point of no return. Depression had overwhelmed her mind and she broke out again, screaming her madness out over and over again.  

"Ah! I will kill you all! Just give it to me! Rubbish! All of you! It hurts so much..."    

Shortly after she was out of all breath. Her voice scattered into pieces, her mouth dried and blood spilled out from her lips.    

So, Mark gave her some water.    

"Brother..." Tina called again. She was shivering and her eyes appeared disembodied.    

"I am here...don't worry..." Mark responded, wiping her tears with his napkin.    

"Brother..." Tina grasped Mark's hand and looked directly into his pupils. "I know you like me, okay? Then help me, please..."  

"Tina, I will never do that to you, never,"  Mark replied gently but firmly.    

Tina went pale in the face, "You don't love me then. If you really love me, please help me. You lied! You don't love me, liar!"    

"... Tina, listen. We can get over this mess, then we will be a family again,"  Mark tried to calm her down.    

"Get over it and be a family again? That's easy for you to say. You will never know what it feels like, Mark. And I will never get over it, and I'd rather die!" Tina shouted.    

"No, you won't. I will never let you do that..." Mark closed her mouth with a sharp movement of his hand. His eyes went wet, but he managed to keep himself together.  

"I don't believe you. I don't believe anyone..." Tina could not listen. She had ears only for her voice. As always, she did not care for anybody else.    

Mark was helpless. He failed to protect her more than once, and even now the only thing he could do was staring at her with nothing really comforting to say.    

'At least now the worst must have passed' Mark thought, but unfortunately for him, he was wrong.  

Tina leaned closer and whispered into Mark's ear, "My dear brother, I know you are the best..."    

Despite the husky voice, she sounded sweet. That tone reminded Mark of their childhood when Tina would talk to him with that tone to obtain something from him, and that worked all the time.    

This was because he did love her so much.    He had loved her ever since they were kids.    

"You would give me anything I want in this world, won't you? Just like when we were kids, remember? You promised me..." Tina said to him sorrowfully.  

"No..." Mark was fighting against himself. He couldn't resist that sweet voice. Just as she said, he would have done anything to make her happy, and always will. But this, this was way beyond his expectations.    

"Why?" Tina asked, "You have never said no to me."    

"Tina, I can give you anything you want, but not this time. Please, I beg you to listen to me. We can do this..." Mark didn't finish, because Tina suddenly kissed him.    

What? Mark was stunned.    

He couldn't speak, neither think. He was only feeling. Feeling her warm lips on his.  

His heart melted, and his mind twisted like that of a young love that finally reached the heart of his beloved one.    

Mark kissed her back with passion. Pure love poured out from that kiss. He passed his hands through her hair and pushed her closer.    

His tongue twisted in her mouth, sucking all her breath out of her throat...    

After that unexpected kiss, Tina clinched Mark's neck and said in a low voice, "I love you so much, brother."    

Mark was on the edge of a total collapse.  

He knew what Tina wanted him to do and now she trapped him with that kiss.    

The kiss he had been waiting so long for.    

"You will help me. I know you will, brother,"  she said, looking directly at him. She touched his face with the tips of her fingers and caressed his skin. "Just give it to me...    

I love you... I love you so much..."    

Mark closed his eyes. He had to do it now. There was no other way. 

"Alright, as you wish." He just could not win against her.    

Tina smiled. She kissed his cheek.    Mark breathed deeply and moved Tina to her bed. Then he opened a drawer and took out a syringe, his hands shaking.  

"Hurry up!" Tina urged.    

Mark pushed the injector into her arm. It was easier than expected.    

Tina's eyes eased. She felt weightless, like her body was floating on top of a soft cloud.    

Mark looked at her with eyes full of desire, "Tina, you are beautiful."    

He was addicted, too. He was addicted to Tina, and he would never get over it for the rest of his life.    

He held her in his arms again. Then they sank into endless kisses.  

'Let me fall with you into the darkness, until the end of the world, until death.

That's my way of loving you.'

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