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Season 3

Episode 19

(Do you have any proof)

Emily's identity as Mr. and Mrs. Tao's daughter had set the Internet on fire, gathering the attention of all netizens. 
"Wow! How can that be? The news of Emily's dating Jacob alone was enough to make me envious, and now with her parentage she'll become a hot sensation on the Internet again!" 
"She is so lucky! Now the ugly duckling has transformed into a lovely swan. Soon she will marry Jacob and unite two of the most powerful families in the city!"

"Oh! How I envy her!" 
As a matter of fact, Abbott was deliberately spreading the news so as to put pressure on Jacob. 'Jacob will not be able to keep Emily at his home, ' Abbott thought wisely, 'when everyone else learns that Emily is my daughter.' 
To some extent, Abbott had succeeded in getting what he wanted. Although, Jacob tried hard to keep the secret from Emily, the news still found its way to Emily's ears. 
The moment Emily heard the news, her mind got muddled completely.

'What does Mr. Tao mean by making that declaration? "Emily"? Is there another "Emily" in Jingshi City? No... It can't be me!' 
While still in a state of both shock and doubt, Emily suddenly got a call from Bess, who at last managed to bypass Jacob. 
Staring at the number, puzzled, Emily accidentally answered the call, and a female voice came from the other end of the phone, at once.    "Hello. Is that you Emily? This is...I..." The voice on the phone sounded, cautious, as if she was nervous of speaking with Emily. 
"I know who you are, Mrs. Bess,"  Emily said, trying to make her voice sound calm, even though she was biting her lips tightly. "What can I do for you?" asked Emily.

Bess's voice paused for a while before she continued, "Have you read the news?" 
"... Yes,"  answered Emily. 
"It is true. You are my daughter. I know that we owe you an explanation for all of these years, but..." Bess said, as her voice trembled. However, as she went on, her voice turned softer and gentler like a cool breeze. 
Bess's words, however, did not register on Emily's mind, because Emily was completely floored when she heard that she was Bess's daughter.

In truth, Emily, at first, was very sceptical about what was written in the news. However, when she heard Bess's words on the phone, she had no choice but to accept the truth.    But she was still confused. 
Debby had told Emily that she was an orphan they had adopted and there was no clue of her birth parents. 'How could I became the daughter to Bess and Abbott almost overnight?' wondered Emily.    But then again, she took into consideration the fact that, no one would make a joke about a noble family.

'If Abbott and Bess are my birth parents, then Tina must be the daughter of Debby, ' Emily thought, 'and this could only be explained by the fact that I was exchanged for Tina when we were born.' 
With this conclusion, Emily realized that she was fooled by another one of Debby's lies. 
"Do you have any proof?" asked Emily, as she interrupted Bess.
Emily took a deep breath. All this was a little too overwhelming for her casual evening. 
Somewhat guilt-ridden, Bess answered, "We have the results from a DNA paternity test. Do you want to read the report?" 
Instead of answering Bess directly, Emily threw another question to Bess in an inquisitive tone as she asked, "Was it made on the day you drew my blood to save Tina's life?"
 "... Yes. But if we hadn't drawn your blood, we would not have found out about the truth. I know you have suffered a lot, and it was all your adoptive mother's fault! Oh, I can't explain everything to you in just a few words. Emily, I wish to see you again, may I?" 
However, there was no answer from the other end of the line. 
Since Emily didn't give her the answer she had hoped for, Bess became anxious, as she said, "Emily, you are my daughter. I want you to be back at my side, at your family members' side. We will do our best to make up for everything that you should have enjoyed all these years. Okay?"

"No, there's no need for that. I just want to know the truth,"  said Emily.    "I will tell you everything about it when we meet. Jacob won't allow me to see you, so maybe you could..." 
Before Emily could hear what Bess had said, someone snatched her phone from her hand and hung up the call. 
Astonished and stunned, Emily turned back, and found herself face to face with Jacob's darkened face.
With panic in her eyes, she asked, "What...What's wrong?"

"So she told you,"  Jacob said, staring at Emily with his dark and cold eyes. 
Jacob did all he could to stop Bess and Debby from telling Emily the truth, but he didn't expect that Bess would be so cunning and that she'd find a way to contact Emily! 
Emily was taken aback at Jacob's words. 'What does he mean by saying that?' wondered Emily. 
'Did he know about the truth all along? How long has he been hiding it from me?' 
"You..." Emily tried to say something, but before she could open her mouth, Jacob pulled her into his arms.

"I don't like anyone from the Tao family. I don't want to see you go back to them,"  he said. He kissed Emily's lips and chin and mumbled, "You are neither one of them nor one of the Bai family." he added, "You are my girl, just my girl..." 
Fearing that Jacob would cast his affection on her as he kissed her again and again, Emily pushed away Jacob at once, held his face and stared at him directly. "Tell me. How many secrets have you been hiding from me?" she asked. 
'"How many"?' Jacob chuckled in his mind, 'There are many secrets... But you don't have to know any of them...'

However, instead of telling the truth, Jacob said in a serious but somewhat guilt-ridden tone, "Only this one, but it's for you own good."    "For my own good? I want an explanation from you,"  Emily said, angrily. 
She thought that Jacob's excuse was so ridiculous that she almost burst out laughing. 
"Those people of Tao family do not deserve someone like you,"  Jacob said in a cold voice, and then he continued, "If you were put on a scale and weighed against Tina, they would definitely choose Tina.
What do you expect from those conniving bunch of degenerates? They make me sick, and I don't want you to get hurt."

Jacob's words muddled the feelings Emily had in her mind even more.
On on hand, she hated Tina and felt sick at how Tina's family members spoiled her, but on the other hand, even if she didn't like anyone from the Tao family, she couldn't just throw away her kinship with them.    Emily just wanted to figure out what had happen more than twenty years ago. 
Jacob raised his eyebrows, as if he had seen through Emily; he said, "It was just like what Debby told you, even though she didn't give you every detail. For her own benefits, she planned to exchange her daughter for the baby of Tao family. And after she succeeded, she kept the secret for more than twenty years."

"So she fooled me again,"  Emily murmured. 
An eerie light flashed in Jacob's eyes and then vanished as he timely stopped himself from telling Emily that he also played a role in Debby's lie. After all, Jacob detested Debby so much that he did not feel guilty for making her take the fall for him.    While Emily was lost in her thoughts, her phone rang and a message showed up on the screen.

Emily took the phone to read the message, and found that the message was from Bess telling Emily the address of their meeting.    Jacob's look darkened as he threw away her phone and began to kiss Emily again. "I won't allow you to see her,"  he commanded.    "Oh...
You are so bossy!" complained Emily. 
"Whatever you say, I won't allow it. Even if you want to go,"  Jacob paused, with cold light glistering in his eyes, before he gave an evil smile and said, "I'm afraid that you won't be able to struggle away from my arms."

All of sudden, his words reminded Emily of the day when she failed to meet Debby. 'It's happening again!' she cried in her head.


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