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Season 3

Episode 18

(A tossed stone rise a thousand ripples)

Not only Master Tao, but also Abbott got angry because of Tina's remarks. However, before Abbott could open his mouth to scold Tina, she went berserk, throwing everything on the table to the ground.    

Tina's wrath did not spare any of the precious tea sets and decorative ornaments. Pieces of porcelain flew in all direction. The air was suddenly rent by the sound of breaking glass.    

After wrecking everything like a storm, Tina turned around and ran out without looking back.  

"Tina!" Mark cried out. Ignoring his elders present in the room, Mark followed her out directly.    

Master Tao was so frustrated. His face became red with anger, as he looked at the mess on the ground. 

His voice trembled. Pointing to the debris on the ground, he said, "Look at this! What a class act! What a real lady your daughter is!"    

Disappointed, Abbott's face became glum with shame. Bess, on the other hand, seemed not to care about their anger, as she looked at the door with a worried look on her face, and said, "Tina hasn't fully recovered yet. What if something happens to her?"  

Master Tao snorted angrily and replied, "Mark went after her. She will be fine. This time, it serves her right for being so headstrong. From my point of view, Tina should learn from her own mistakes and get rid of her arrogant ways."    

Displeased, Master Tao turned around and walked away as soon as he finished his words.    

After taking a few steps, he suddenly remembered the real purpose of his visit. He turned around and walked over to Abbott. He said, "Now that everything is out in the open, when are you going to bring Emily home? I heard that she's very close to Jacob Gu now. Is it true?"  

"Yes, they are in love,"  replied Abbott, as his face turned sour. He continued, "Jacob is a tough and uncompromising businessman. He has a strong possessive instinct, and he always regards Emily as his own possession and doesn't allow us to see her."    

"How ridiculous! She is our child. Jacob has no right to decide on her personal affairs. Be sure to bring Emily back home!"    

"Father, we're trying to figure it out,"  replied Abbott.    

"Just do it as soon as possible! Keep a close eye on Tina, and don't let her sabotage our plan,"  Master Tao ordered, and then he left the villa.  

Meanwhile, Tina ran out of the house, in her pajamas. Out in the cold, she soon turned pale and her lips turned purple. Nevertheless, she continued to run as if the cold winds did nothing to her at all.    

Mark was close at her heels. He sped up and caught her in his arms, then he said, panting for breath, "Tina, stop running! Where are you going?"    

"It's none of your business. Who do you think you are?" yelled Tina. Tina mocked him coldly, as she violently struggled in his arms, trying to wriggle free. She was so ardent and agitated that she ended up scratching his strongly defined chin a few times.  

Mark's heart ached with pity for her. 

He wasn't angered by her rude behavior, instead, he just stared at her with a look of deep concern, then he said, "It's too cold outside. 

And you are not well enough to stay outside. So I'm going to take you back home, okay?"    

His words provoked Tina, as she roared at him with rage, "You are not my real brother. Didn't you hear their words? I'm not their daughter. 

So you are not my brother! I don't want to go back to that house!"    

"Tina, as long as you treat me as your brother, I will forever treat you as my sister,"  Mark said in a placatory, soft voice, as he gazed deeply into Tina's eyes. He continued, "No matter what happens, our relationship will never break up. I will always love you."  

Tina stopped struggling and looked into his eyes, in a daze. She was touched by the unconditional love he had for her, and she mumbled, "Mark..."    

"Don't be afraid. I'll always be by your side. As long as I'm alive, nobody can hurt you,"  Mark promised.    

"So what?" she cried out. When Tina came back to her senses, she became distant. In a cold tone, she yelled, "Let me go! I don't believe you, and I don't believe anyone! Get away from me!"  

Mark's thin lips compressed into a line, as his face darkened. He said no more, instead, he took Tina to a taxi, which was parked on the street. Then he asked the driver to drive them to a five-star hotel.    

It was so cold outside that he was afraid she would catch a cold if he didn't bring her indoors as soon as possible.    

Tina was forcibly taken to the hotel by Mark, which made her even more angry. She smashed everything in her room, but even that didn't calm her down.  

Suddenly, an idea popped into Mark's head. He asked someone to buy a white rabbit for Tina.    

As he expected, when Tina saw the white rabbit, she looked a little calmer. Abruptly, she reached out and pinched the rabbit's fragile little neck!    

In return, the weak rabbit acted out of instinct and bit Tina's hand.    

Mark's face suddenly dropped to the floor. The rabbit had been given an injection of sedatives, in order to prevent it from hurting Tina. 

Unfortunately, the sedatives hadn't taken effect yet.    

"Tina, let go!" Mark yelled, as he hurried up to her and tried to take the rabbit away.  

However, Tina pinched the rabbit even harder than before, as if she didn't feel the pain for its bite. She didn't care about the bleeding on her hand at all, instead she grinned like a Cheshire Cat, eerie and ominous. "Emily, are you happy now? You worthless whore! I hope you rot in hell!"    

Tina gritted her teeth with hatred, looking like someone who had been possessed by a demon.    

Tina hated Emily more than anything in the world. Her hatred for Emily had overcome even her love for Jacob, consuming every bit of humanity left in her. Only Emily's death could satiate her bloodlust. 

 'Emily is just a cheap whore! How could she be Bess Tao's biological daughter? And if I'm not her real daughter, then who are my biological parents? Where are they?' wondered Tina.    

All of a sudden, the thought of Debby popped into her head. The woman, who for some reason, cared a lot about her without rhyme or reason. On top of that, why did Andrew claim to be her father? All clues led to the same conclusion that Debby and Andrew were her real parents.    

"No!" Tina, in denial, refused to think about that anymore. Her eyes reddened slowly, as she mustered all the strength she had to squeeze the rabbit's neck. Her grip was so tight, even Mark couldn't get her to open her hand.  

At last, she twisted its tiny neck and killed it in her hand. Blood dripped from both of her hands. It was a horrific scene.    

Mark quickly threw the dead rabbit away and grabbed Tina's hand. 

"Don't move! Your hands need to be sterilized,"  he said to her lovingly.    

Tina didn't refuse. At last, she seemed to have calmed down. She quietly watched Mark, as he picked up the medical kit from the drawers, took her hand, and treated her wounds gently.  

Mark carefully, washed and disinfected her wounds. Then he applied some medicine to the wound and dressed it up meticulously.    

Finally, Mark held her hand, as he suddenly lowered his head and blew lightly on her hand, trying to reduce her pain. "Does your hand still hurt? Please don't do anything that hurts you,"  he said.    

He bent lower and then kissed her gently on the back of her hand.    Before long, Tina's lips curved up with a vicious smile. "I want another rabbit,"  she said.    

Mark was slightly dumbfounded by her words, but a few seconds later, he responded in a soft tone, "Okay, I will buy another one for you."  

Just as he had promised, a few hours later, he had someone buy some white rabbits and had them sent to Tina's room.    

In the following days, Tina killed many rabbits. White, weak and cheap, those were the commonalities they all shared.    

Tina killed the rabbits, faster than Mark was delivering them to her. 

Killing rabbits had become an addiction. The more she abused the rabbits, the more she enjoyed it. It was like a drug that placated her unstable mind for the time being.    

Tina stayed in the hotel and never went home again. Abbott and Bess were both worried about Tina, so they went to the hotel several times, but every time they went, they were not allowed to see her. The decided to leave her alone, knowing that Mark would take good care of her.  

Meanwhile, after much deliberation, Master Tao played a trump card, in order to take Emily from Jacob.    

In the name of the Tao clan, he published an important statement in the mainstream media outlets. 

The statement was on every newspaper, television channel, Internet blogs and so on. The statement was as follows—  

"We have finally found the long lost child of the Tao clan, Emily, whom we have had no contact with for years. We miss her very much and the guilt in our hearts is becoming unbearable. We hope that she will read this statement and return to the Tao clan and reunite with her parents who love her dearly.

After the statement came out in Jingshi City, it was like a stone tossed into a still pond, which caused a thousand ripples. The entire city was in an uproar over the statement."




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