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Season 3

Episode 16

(It's so ridiculous)

"I have raised you since you were a baby. I took you as my own daughter for so many years.  But when I found out who my biological daughter was, I lost control over my emotions and I ended up hurting you... 

I am really sorry for what I've put you through, Emily,"  said Debby.    Most of what Emily's mother said was true, except she didn't reveal the fact that Emily was a child of the Tao family. Debby made everything sound flawless.  

After she finished explaining, Debby shifted her sights towards Jacob, nervously. It was Jacob who told her to fabricate the truth, and she said exactly as Jacob had instructed her to say.    

Jacob, however, did not even look back at Debby; his eyes were all on Emily. Only a satisfactory curve appeared from the corners of his lips.    

That was how he wanted everything to be. Emily was Emily. She was not the daughter of the Tao clan, but only his woman.    

At the Tao family residence, Jingshi City.    

In the dinning room, Mark looked at his parents gloomily. With a bit of anger in his eyes, he said, "You want to take Emily back? Then what about Tina? "  

Abbott was irritated with Mark's attitude and reluctance to accept Emily into the Tao family. "They both will be daughters of the Tao family. 

Bringing Emily into the family will not change the fact that Tina is also our daughter!" he said.    

"One word should be kept in mind. If there is Tina, there should be no Emily; If there is Emily, then there should be no Tina,"  

Mark replied.    

"How could you say something like that? We will continue to hide Tina's origin of birth. They both are your sisters, and Emily is your biological sister!" Abbott asserted sternly.  

"Sister?" Mark sneered coldly as he replied, "In my mind, Tina is my only sister."    

Afterwards, he turned around and slammed the door behind him, as an act of defiance.    

"You insolent boy!" Abbott yelled at Mark. Abbott had suffered a lot from Jacob, and he had no intentions of putting up with his own son's tantrums back at home. He was so furious that he threw a glass to the wall, as the shattered pieces cascaded down in no specific sequence.    

"Abbot, don't be angry..." urged Bess, as she hurriedly came to comfort him. With a soft, assuring voice, she said, "Mark is just being stubborn right now, you know; he feels very strongly about Tina. He will come around to it..."  

"I hope so!"    

What a turbulent day it was for Abbott Tao!    

Mark went straight to the hospital, and stayed with Tina the a whole night. The next day, he went to work straight from the hospital.    

At noon, Tina, who had been in a comatose state in the past few days, finally came to her senses.    

Although, Jacob took away the bag of blood that day, Mark and his parents went everywhere, trying every options, begging and pleading, and somehow managed to find a small amount of blood to sustain Tina's life temporarily. 

Later, when blood from all parts of the country came in, they managed to transfuse the blood just in time and Tina was finally out of danger.    
When Tina opened her eyes after many days, her body and mind was still numb. With a blank face, she sat still in bed for a while.    

Not knowing how much time had passed, she suddenly heard the whispers outside the ward. At first she refused to listen, but she then overheard a name she hated to her very core----Emily.  

"Hey, did you know that Emily is a daughter of the Tao family?"    "Which Emily? Is that the one whose boyfriend is Mr. Jacob?"    

"Yes, that's her! What a surprise! I thought theirs was the story of Cinderella and the Prince. At that time, I felt envious of Emily. After all, it is hard to find a good man like Mr. 

Jacob... I figured if Emily could find one, then perhaps I would have the chance to find a Prince Charming for myself too. But who knew that Emily was not Cinderella at all, but a real princess!"    

"Why haven't I heard about such a shocking news? How do you know it's true?"  

"Hey, I only told you about this. Do not tell anyone else." "The Tao family did a paternity test here in our hospital, and the results clearly stated that Emily is indeed their daughter. The news has been kept away from the public ears, and I wonder what the Tao family is going to do next?"    

"What they are going to do? Surely, one of these days, they'll claim their daughter. Now there will be no difficulty for Emily to marry Mr. 

Jacob. After all, it would be a marriage between families of equal social rank. However, I've heard rumors that the elder daughter of the Tao family is in love with Mr. Jacob. Apparently, she doesn't get along with Emily. Now that's a real cliche..."  

Shocked, Tina gripped the quilt firmly with both hands, feeling devastated. Beads of sweat started to appear on her forehead, as her chest ached with the pounding of her heart. Although, she couldn't hear everything they said, she had heard enough to know what was going on.    

Emily was also the daughter of the Tao family!    

Preposterous! It was too ridiculous to be true!    

Tina picked up the cup from the bedside table and threw it at the door. "Bang!" With a loud noise of glass shattering, the voices outside also stopped and went quiet. An awkward silence had filled the ward.  

"Miss T..Tina, you are awake?" One of the nurse who was gossiping, opened the door with great care. 

Another cup hit her directly on the forehead!    

"Ahh!" The nurse uttered a painful cry, and turned around to ran away with her hand on her bleeding forehead.    

"Go away! All of you!" Later that day, every time Tina saw someone come near her door, she smashed something. Her wrath did not spare even the doctors who came in to check up on her.    

Helpless, the doctors did not know what to do. Due to Tina's family background, they could not do or say anything to her. After a lot of consideration, they had to resort to using tranquillizers on Tina to subdue her.  

Mark got the news and hurried to the hospital.    

Seeing Tina lying in bed lifelessly, Mark could not hide the heartache from his facial expression. "Tina, what's wrong? It's me, Mark. Do you recognize me?" he asked.    

"Do you think I am stupid? Why wouldn't I recognize you?" she answered. Irritated, Tina said, "I think you look stupid."    

Immediately, Mark's face lit up when he heard Tina cursing at him. He felt happy knowing that Tina had finally recovered her energy to scold people.  

"Are you hungry now? Do you want something to eat?"    

"No, I don't." Tina forced herself not to feel drowsy. As she fought off the after effects of the tranquillizers, she took Mark's hand and asked, "Tell me. I want to know the truth about Emily! "    

Mark was extremely glad to have his sister back, but when he heard the name 'Emily', all joy had abandoned his face. "Why are you suddenly mentioning Emily?" he asked.    

'Could it be that she knew something?'    

He thought of what the doctors had said just now. When Tina woke up, she was going berserk, acting out of control. They had to apply tranquillizers because they were afraid she was going to hurt herself... What on earth was wrong with her?  

Tina gripped Mark's hand firmly, and said, "I want to know everything. I want to know the truth!"    

"You hate Emily, don't you? I hate her too. Let's forget about her, okay? Hmm? Tina, you need to have some rest." Mark put his hand on her forehead, and spoke in an extremely soft voice, like coaxing a baby to sleep.    

"You..." Tina couldn't resist the effects of the medicine any longer and went to sleep.  

Mark looked at her sleeping face, quietly. After sitting there for a long time, he reluctantly let go of her hand. He turned to the doctors who were standing by and asked in a low voice, "What exactly happened?"



  1. Mark is a lunatic while Tina is a demon. Jacob is also a control freak.



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