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Season 3

Episode 13

(I can taste you on it)

After spending peaceful days at the Tyrone Mansion, Emily felt like she was a panda in a reserve. Even her breeder, Jacob, didn't allow Emily to walk far unsupervised. Instead, he asked the chefs to prepare healthy food for her everyday. Jacob indulged her so much that she felt like a spoiled brat from a rich family.    

To her relief, such an awkward lifestyle didn't last for a long time. 

Taking advantage of her cute appearance and coquetry, she successfully persuaded Jacob to let her eat less. However, she was still forced to stay at home so that she could have more rest.  

Sometimes Emily would think of her mother Debby, but she decided to force Debby out of her mind as she had no idea how to face her.    

What Emily didn't know was that, Jacob had asked his men to find out what happened that day at the hospital, and he now knew everything.    

'Emily... So, she is a daughter of Tao family?' When Jacob learned the truth, his face darkened, as cold sparks flashed in his eyes. 'So, that means Tina is...Interesting, ' he thought.    

Soon, a butler came in and said, "Mr. Jacob, We have visitors. Mr. Abbott and his wife are here to see Miss Emily."  

Jacob scoffed, "Emily will see no one today. Tell them to go back home."    

"I will, Mr. Jacob."    

"Wait,"  Jacob suddenly stopped the butler; he slid the curtain open and stared at Emily who was playing with snow in the yard, and then he said, "Call Emily back into the house first. Don't tell her anything about Mr. And Mrs. Tao."    

"Okay, Mr. Jacob."    Several minutes later, Emily was back in the house. Standing in front of Jacob with curiosity in her eyes, she asked in an aggrieved tone, as she was rudely interrupted from her leisure time, "What's wrong? Why did you send for me so soon?"  

"Do I need a reason or an excuse to see you?" Jacob asked.    

"Of course yes, unless you miss me,"  Emily answered.    

Jacob raised the corners of his mouth and stretched his arms to Emily, as he said, "Come here, and let me hug you."    

Squinting at Jacob for a second, Emily trotted towards him and then threw herself directly into his arms. "So, you really missed me, huh?" she asked.    

"Yes, I've missed you."  

"No. You are lying. I spent the whole day in that backyard. Just a few steps away from you."    

"But I still missed you so much,"  Jacob said, hugging the girl in his arms tightly. The next minute, however, he felt something extremely cold touch his neck and then slide directly into his coat, causing him to shiver all over at once. "What was that?" he asked, astonished.    

"A snowball,"  Emily replied, grinning from ear to ear with satisfaction.    Jacob shook his head at her, as if she were a little naughty child. He slowly loosened his grip around her and unbuttoned his coat. When Emily sensed something fishy about Jacob's behavior, she turned around and tried to run away. However, before she could even take one step, Jacob pulled her back and then dropped the cold snowball inside her coat.  

"Jacob! It's freezing!" Emily cried out, showing a pitiful look at Jacob, and she begged him, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."    

Jacob pressed Emily's body against the wall and chuckled. He then took the snowball, which had shrunk over time, out from Emily's coat, and brought it up to Emily's mouth. 

"Have a bite,"  he said.    

"No, thanks..." Emily turned her face away at once in refusal.  

Instead of continuing to force Emily, Jacob lowered his head, and began to lick the snowball.    

Emily was stunned by his behavior, "Wow! What are you doing?"    

"I can taste you on it. So sweet,"  answered Jacob.    

Emily's face blushed immediately at his words, "You jerk!"    

"A jerk who wants to invite you to share with him your sweet fragrance. What do you say to that?"    

"No!" Emily pushed Jacob's hand away and rushed out of the house like a frightened rabbit. She hid herself behind the door and peeked at Jacob, surprised to see that Jacob had licked the snowball till there was nothing left.  

He even licked his slender fingers after finishing the snowball. His behavior looked alluring and entrancing in Emily's eyes.    

Somewhat aroused, Emily tried to calm her senses. 'I will never be seduced by him again. I must be feeling hot because of the spicy food I've had earlier today. Yes, that's the reason!' she told herself.    

In the next few days, Abbott and his wife visited Jacob's mansion several times with hopes to see Emily. However, each time, they were refused by Jacob to meet with Emily. In the ned, they had no choice but to turn to Debby for help.  

With both coercion and temptation, Debby agreed to follow the instructions of the couple and called Emily to her place.    

"Hello, Emily, this is mom. I haven't seen you in so many days and I really miss you. I would like to see you soon,"  Debby said, trying to make her voice sound soft and tender.    

"Mom?" Emily asked. Debby's voice brought back the memories of when she was a little girl. In her childhood, Debby always coaxed her in a soft, loving manner.    

"Yes, it's me. Why haven't you contacted me lately?" asked Debby.  

Thinking of what had happened at the hospital, Emily suddenly drew herself back from the memories and collected herself. "Do you have anything you want to tell me?" asked Emily.    

"Nothing. We just wanted to see you. Why is it so wrong for a mother to want to meet her daughter?" Debby asked.    

"No, I didn't mean that,"  Emily answered; she took a deep breath, and continued, "I've just been resting. Where are you now?"    

Emily assumed that Debby must have had a reason behind calling her after so many days. It wouldn't surprise her if it was about money or something expensive that she wanted to buy. 'Anyway, what's new, ' Emily mused.  

After all, being the remarkable daughter that Emily was, she could not refuse Debby's requests. 

Although, Debby was not Emily's birth mother, she had raise her since she was a baby. Emily suddenly remembered that one day she angrily claimed that she was adopted by her parents, but she never expected that her claim would one day become true.    

'But, if Debby and Andrew are not my birth parents, who are my birth parents?' Emily wondered, 'This is my chance to ask her. Anyway, I can't keep running from the truth all my life.'  

After Emily noted down her mother's whereabouts, she hung up the phone and left to meet with Debby.    

The moment Emily hung up the phone and turned round, she was startled by Jacob, who was standing behind her silently. She placed her hand on her chest to calm herself and asked, "How long have you been standing there? I didn't even hear your footsteps. You scared me!"    

"Just a few minutes ago. You were too busy to notice me. I promise I won't scare you like that again,"  Jacob said, showing a reflective expression while still having a smile on his face; he continued, "Who was that on the phone?"  

''My mom,"  Emily answered in a low voice. Then she continued, "She said that she missed me and that she wanted to see me."    

"Now?" he asked. Jacob's eyes darkened, but he didn't say anything else.    

"Yes,"  Emily answered, as she walked towards the wardrobe to find a coat for herself.    

It was a massive wardrobe with many kinds of fashionable and modern clothes inside for Emily to choose from. The problem was, too many options had made it hard for her to decide what she wanted to wear.  

Before she turned around to ask Jacob for help, Jacob suddenly hugged her from behind and pushed her gently into the wardrobe. Emily could feel his breath close to her face as his mouth moved close to her ear.    

"Emily, can we do that again, in this wardrobe?" he asked.    

Blushing at his words, Emily turned her head, glared at Jacob and asked, "What are you talking about? How shameless you are!"    

"I mean, I want to have some fun with you just inside this wardrobe,"  Jacob said, with a cheeky smile on his face.    

When Jacob decided to make his words simpler to flirt with Emily, Emily turned round and covered Jacob's mouth with her hand, stopping him from saying another word.  

"No, I won't do that with you, not here, not now," Emily replied, in a serious tone. The next minute, she withdrew her hand immediately when she felt Jacob's tongue licking her palm.

'How could he lick my hand just like that!' Emily mused in her heart, 'Has he gone mad?'

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