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Episode 61

🌟 Clarice Turner 🌟

I grumbled and open my eyes slowly.

" Thank goodness you're awake." I heard Jay's voice.

" What happened? " I Mumbled as I sat down properly rubbing my eyes with the back of my palm.

How did I get here by the way?

" Don't scare me like that okay?" He said and placed my head on his thighs.

" Can you imagine? I'd the weirdest dream Ever." I chuckled softly.

" And what was the dream about? " He asked.

" You proposed to me in a fancy restaurant. " I said still rubbing my eyes.

" That's because it's not a dream." He smiled.

Omg OMG so it's not a dream oh no no I think am gonna pass out again.

" Am feeling naseous again." I Mumbled.

" No please don't black out again. I'll you marry me freedom? My life is gonna be meaningless without your love. " He said sadly and brought out the ring again.

" Yes baby I'll Marry you knuckle head." I said in a cracked voice.

He slide the ring into my finger and hugged me to himself.

" I love you so much freedom." He cooed and kissed my hair.

" I love you baby. " I said as my eyes had become glossy.

I can't believe am engaged to Jayred Knights.

He pulled away and crashed his lips on mine.

I responded to the kiss as we kissed passionately with our tongues fighting for dominance.

" I promise to stand by you forever." He muttered as he broke the kiss.

He Pecked my forehead and cuddle up with me.

" Am gonna be the lady behind your smile." I mumbled.



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