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Episode 60

✅ Jayred Knights ✅

I took her to a fancy restaurant downtown.
Wanted texting her earlier but I couldn't.

I just wanna keep seeing her beautiful face always.

" So what would my princess possibly want?" I asked her as the waiter was standing before us.

" Egg sandwich and soda .", She said.

Her love for sandwiches tho.

" On the double." I said with A smile.

He nodded and walked towards the counter.

" What's up with you Jay you've been acting off now." Freedom cocked her eyebrows.

" Well it's nothing am fine baby." I said Smiling sheepishly.

She's the cause of my euphoria. I don't know what I would do without her love.

I went down infront of her and brought out a ring box.

"You hold the key to my heart and i don’t ever want you to give it back, because a while ago you said that you wanted to steal my heart, and i must say that it wasn’t stolen, It didn’t need to be, I’ll willingly hand it to you."

" I could have the firmament and both hemispheres but my life will be utterly incomplete for as long as I don’t have you in my life. You are like heaven to me and I shall love you even after death. marry me Clarice Turner" I said still holding out the ring .

" Omg OMG." She fainted.



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