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🚫 she's a player 🚫

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Episode 55

🌹 Clarice Turner 🌹

I Mumbled as I tried to place my head on his chest.

His fingers landed on my hair .

" Good morning princess." Jay grumbled and pecked my forehead

" Morning. " I SMiled brightly as I tried adjusting into his arms.

"Rough night huh? ', he chuckled softly Nd pressed s kiss on my forehead.

"She rough night.",, I be winked at him.

He pulled me up and Carried me into the bathroom.

After mixing a bath for me. He placed me in the tub before leaving.

I played with soap water as I remembered everything

How he touched me or ow his lips did wonders on my skin.

I trailed my fingers through my body as I closed my eyes imagining it was Jay.


I came outta the bathroom in a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around my hair.

Immediately I entered Jay walked in with a tray.

Hmmmm yummy. He placed it beside me.


" Get back here! " Jay yelled after as I ran into the garden.

" I said catch Me if you can.", I. Mockingly said.

He fell to the ground like someone in pain and I ran towards him immediately.

"Got yah" he made me lay on the ground before hovering over me.

He stole kisses from me before rolling over

My love life is crazy



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