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🚫 she's a player 🚫

🎀{ Virgin slut}🎀

Episode 54

🌟 Jayred Knights 🌟

I took her to a pub as promised. I just hope she stick to the promise she made

We walked into cravity hand in hand as the whole place was blasting with loud music.

Went over to the bar and sat down.

"Two shots please." I half yelled as he brought the shots.

Freedom pick up one while I did the same.

"Cheers." She said and gulf done the whole thing

"Wow somebody is look damn hot today." I complimented.

"Thanks dear wanna dance?" She asked.

I nodded and stood up.

We walked into the stage just in time stefflon don 16shots was blasting through the speakers.

Damn freedom is the real deal. She rocked her body against mine as she danced like a goddess.

Where did she learn to dance like that.

We danced for awhile before going to back to the VIP lounge.

"That was awesome babe." I complimented as I pulled her to me.

"Thanks sweetie." She muttered.

I slowly took her lips in mine as we kissed passionately before pulling away.


I drove straight home after having fun.

It's my mansion. I carried her inside.

Missy here almost got drunk.

I helped her removed her shoes.

"Dont go baby please stay with me." She poutS.

"Hey am not leaving okay?"i said as I scoop her into my arms like a child.

I gave her a kiss on to forehead.

She brought her lips closer and i gave a kiss 

She wrapped her arms around my waist as she deepen the kiss.

I rolled her over and made her lay down not breaking the kiss.

I trailed kissses around his neckline making sure I left hickeys on her.

She moan sweetly as my lips did wonders on her skin.

She fondle with my thick black hair.

I trail kisses down to her belly button and slowly got rid of pant...

I pulled off my clothes and released my joystick.

I placed it at the middle and slide it in.

Her finger dug deep into my skin as I moved in and outta her tenderly.




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