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Episode 53

💐 Clarice Turner 💐

Jay took me to Decker's restaurant.

God that place is the bomb. The biggest and classiest restaurant have been.

He pulled out a chair for me and did too for himself.

He picked up the menu on the table.

"Ladies first." She showed off his Dimples.

"Some brown rice and veggies. "I said as the waiter nods.

" Chicken noodle soup. " He said.

I don't get why he loves it so much.

Chicken noodle soup is like his favorite dish.

It's a Korean cuisine.

"So dear tell me how does it feel like to have such big family." I spoke.

" Well it's cool to have every member of the family around and at the same time it's nerves wrecking. " He burst into laughter.

" Yes yeah you got that right. I remember back in college I had a friend who makes use of a motorcycle. " I started.

" So? "

" She would always take me for a spin not untill one sunny day we went on a ride as usual and got a pedigree dog pissed. It chased after us and Alia kept increasing her speed. We crashed into a wall when she lost control. " I was unable to control my laughter.

Jay joined me in laughing.

" Oh my goodness this is hilarious. Should have seen the look on your face that day. " He said amidst laughter.

" Trust me you don't wanna do that." I Smirked playfully as our orders were brought to our table.

" Well the only time I had something to make you laugh was also in college. On my first day at school I was publicly humiliated. I went to school without belt, you should know what happened next "he said and i bursted into uncontrollable laughter.



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