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🚫 she's a player 🚫

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Episode 52

🚫 Jayred Knights ❌

I played with my shaving cream for awhile before finishing up my shave.

I came outta the bathroom with my body dripping wet...

Today is in deed a special day for me.

Am gonna take freedom on our first date as a couple.

I Walk towards the bed and picked up my phone.

I sent her a text message before walking to the closet.

I took out a multi color Armani suit jacket.

With some leather shoes would go with it.

I got dressed immediately And styled my hair backwards.

I picked up my car keys and my cellphone before exiting my room.

Entered my car and drove off.

I be actually wanted to buy her a gift so I drove straight to the jewelry store.

They kept showing me so many of their necklaces but I don't really like.

I finally got to pick myself

A diamond necklace caught my attention and     I bought it.

I hope she  likes it. I paid for the necklace and left the store.

Freedom must be waiting for me right now.


I pulled up infront of her house and got outta the car before walking towards the entrance.

This is it man you gonna meet with her mom and you're expected to look presentable.

I sighed before walking into the house.

"Oh hi you must be Jayred." Her mom asked hapily.

"Hello Miss Turner." I chuckled softly.

." Ow are you dear?"she asked

" Am fine where's Clary,?" I asked.

", She'll be down in a minute dear." She assured

She came downstairs looking so breathtaking.i could barely take my eyes off her.

"Shall we?",she Smiled

"Bye mom I love you.",she said.

" I love you too play safe.",she winked at us.

I was forced to laugh.




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