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Episode 50

 👑 Jayred Knights 👑

I don't really know how it happened.

Was actually watching movies when I suddenly became short of breath.

I could barely breathe. And it's kinda painful.

I fell on the couch as I tried to catch my breath.

Thank God freedom came on Time.

" It's time to eat something." She said and placed a tray containing food infront of me.

It was a bowl of brown rice and chicken wings. A bowl of fruit salad.

She insisted on feeding me and i couldn't say no to her.

"You should eat something too." I Mumbled as I noticed she had not been eating.

She was feeding me only.

"Nah already had mine in the kitchen." She smiled weakly.

I moved closer and tuck a strand of her hair behind.

"I missed my freedom." I whisper audibly.

" I missed my knuckle head so much. Please let's not do it again. " She placed her palm on my chest which I relaxed into..

" I love you. " I said Calmly.

She went mute instantly. She stood up and walked towards the window.

" Look I get if you can't love me back but the facts still remains the same. I can't seem to control myself whenever am around. I love you so much words can't possibly describe it. " I poured out my heart.

She rushed towards me and crashed her lips on mine.

" I love you even more." She said as tears roll down her cheeks.

I kissed her tears away.

" Am sorry you had to cry because of me." I Mumbled.

" Am not crying it's just tears of joy. " She Chuckled as more tears came flowing.

"God am so happy right now! I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my chest." I said and peek her forehead.

" So this feeling is what they call love? Wow !' she smiled.

"I promise to make you happy and never be the reason for your tears my princess." I said as I cuddle up with her on the chair ..

Am so glad I finally got to confess my love for her.

Am the happiest person on Earth right now. 

Mom is gonna go Gaga if she gets to know about this.

I know how long she'd been wanting to meet my girlfriend.

I closed my eyes as sleep over took me.

.the truth is Haven't been sleeping lately.



  1. Good move. Wish you a happy relationship. Thank you writer

  2. Wow thank God u guys are back again

  3. I love u more Jay
    sorry I meant to say Clary loves you more



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