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🚫 she's a player 🚫

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Episode 47

💜 Clarice Turner 💚

I ran outta the room and went over to the pool side.

I sat down and placed my legs in the water.

What was I thinking ? That he feels the same way?

He was gonna love me back?

Tyler was right after all , am probably one of his flings.

Tears roll down my cheeks.

I wanna go back home I really miss my mom. Whenever am sad she's always there to comfort me.

" Freedom." I heard Jay's voice. I quickly wiped off my tears.

" What do you want Jay?" I asked menacingly .

" I want you. I want my freedom back please don't get mad at me." He said Calmly but I wasn't buying that shit.

Am too angry to even look at him.

" Go away I need to be left alone." I said not sparing him a glance.

" I said am sorry. I didn't mean to shout at you." He said.

I stood up and wanted walking away but he pulled me back.

"Hey look at me baby am sorry okay? It's not what you think.", He placed his palms on my cheeks.

" What do you expect me to think when you shut me out totally. This conversation is pointless just forget about it. " I smiled weakly.

" How do you expect me to forget huh? Okay fine you want to know why I got angry? That's because I love you and I can't stand it when someone tries to talk about you. You're just a player so you won't understand any of this. " He raised his voice at me before walking away.

I slumped to the floor.

Did he just admit that he actually has feelings for me?

I held on my chest and cried even more.

He's right I'm just a player and i don't really understand this feeling called love.

I was quick to believe what Tyler said without hearing his own side .

I let a stranger get in between me and Jay .

I need to apologise to him now. I stood up and walked back upstairs to his room but he wasn't in.

I crawled into bed and waited patiently for him but he never showed up.

Where could he had gone?


I slept off while waiting for Jay to come back to the room.

I woke up and glance at the bedside clock. It's 2am and he's not in the room.

I guess he's really mad at me. I just hope he doesn't hurt himself.

I got outta and went over to the bathroom.

I sprinkle water on my face before coming back to the room.

I sighed tiredly before crawling into bed again.

I held his pillow close to my nostrils and inhaled his nice scent.

Haven't seen him this angry before I guess this got to him real bad.



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