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Season 3

Episode 12

(The Hidden Truth)

"Go get your head nurse." Su Yu was feeling a bit infuriated.

Finally, when the head nurse Song Lin arrived, she apologized profusely but did not mention a thing about Huo Mian.

At last, it was Su Yu who had to lower his stance and request for Huo Mian. "About that Huo Mian, she will be in charge of my care from now on. Don't let other nurses near me, they're as dumb as pigs."

What our Young Master Su meant was that out of all the nurses, Huo Mian was the only one with decent skills. But the most important thing was, Huo Mian was not just an ordinary nurse. Although she did not have the certifications of a doctor, she was a nurse who could perform a C-section on a pregnant woman. That by itself proved her excellence. Director Wu was correct in stating that Huo Mian was wasting her talent being a nurse, but it was Huo Mian who was willing to do so.

Upon hearing Su Yu asking about Huo Mian, Song Lin was a little perturbed, "Young Master Su, I'm sorry, Huo Mian, she…"

"I don't care what she thinks, get her here no matter what. Money is not a problem, ask her how much she wants and put a price on her head. Is a hundred thousand yuan a day enough?" Su Yu waved his hand, looking like he did not care about anything.

To be truthful, he also wasn't confident if the money was going to be enough. He knew that Huo Mian did not really care about money, since his attempt to buy kimbap from her failed completely.

"It's not about the money, Mr. Su." Song Lin's response was as expected.

"I don't believe that there are issues in this world that cannot be resolved with money," Young Master Su's spoiled attitude surfaced again, and he coldly snorted.

"Young Master Su, Huo Mian is different."

"What's different about her? They all have one nose and two eyes. She's not even that pretty, her chest is pathetically small, and her temper is disgusting. Women like her are nothing special," Su Yu harshly evaluated.

Song Lin smiled and explained, "Huo Mian's thoughts are a little different from the others. I thought of her the same way before, but after getting to know her, I discovered her eccentricity. Her work is purely for her own enjoyment. She is great at what she does, but she can also be quite stubborn."

Song Lin was right; putting aside Huo Mian's ethics, her skills were indeed excellent, but she was way too stubborn.

No matter how she was instructed, Huo Mian would not treat Su Yu as a VIP patient. Quite a few times, Song Lin felt as if Young Master Su would burn the recuperation center down in anger. What would they do then? Huo Mian wasn't only not careful, she also refused to take care of Young Master Su. Her reasoning was that she would rather take care of those with cerebral palsy than this young master. If Su Yu were to find out about this, would he blow the center up?

Song Lin did not know that Su Yu had already heard about it. Although he almost exploded from anger, he still calmed down and insisted on Huo Mian becoming his personal nurse. That would give him more opportunities to get to know Huo Mian, and then, take his revenge.

"You're her boss, you can hand her a mandate." Su Yu looked at Song Lin and gave her an idea.

"But if I did that, she'll quit. Then, I'll be at fault, Young Master Su…"

"What? She would rather quit than take care of me?" Su Yu's pride felt beaten down.

"She might be afraid that she'll be held responsible for improper care. Girls now are smart, they don't want to face too much responsibility," Song Lin kindly explained.

"That's all, you can leave now." Seeing that Song Lin couldn't help him, Su Yu waved his hand, not wanting to speak with her anymore.

He picked up his phone and dialed a number, "Did you find anything?"

"Sorry, Young Master, nothing yet. Her background is simple, there is nothing to find. Maybe your suspicions are wrong?"

Su Yu's face dropped. "Are you doubting my orders?"

"No, no, Young Master, I just thought that an ordinary woman like her wouldn't have a complex background."




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