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Season 3

Episode 74

(Young Master Su Is Not in the Mood (1)

Su Yu's eyes filled with disappointment when he saw the woman's face…

It was undeniable that this was a young, beautiful, and outstanding face, but it wasn't a face that pulled his heartstrings.

The girl might have gotten a bit too much plastic surgery. Her smile was a little stiff, and it affected how she looked up close.

"President Su, I would like to toast this glass of wine to you. Thanks for giving me this opportunity."

However, Su Yu replied coldly, "That's not necessary."

Then, he turned around and no longer spoke with that girl named Mian Mian.

For the whole night, he never said another word to her.

Mian Mian was sad, so when she went to the bathroom, she secretly asked Lisa.

"Sister Lisa, didn't President Su specifically name me to be the supporting actress? Why doesn't he seem to like me?" Mian Mian thought that Su Yu picked her for her looks and wanted to take her back home tonight. She wouldn't mind if he wanted her to sleep with him.

She knew that if she slept with Su Yu, then her whole life would be set.

Each and every woman Su Yu slept with in the past had all ended up with bright futures…

"I don't know either," Lisa also didn't know why Su Yu picked Mian Mian.

She thought that President Su would pick the young and cheerful Wang Shuang because at least that girl had a completely natural look.

However, who knew that President Su's taste would be so vulgar? She would've never imagined that this girl would luck out, only because she had a 'Mian' word in her name.

As people began to leave that night, Mian Mian refused to give up, so she came up to Su Yu.

"President Su, let me help you up." Her voice sounded all soft and fluffy.

"Go away, don't touch me," He forcefully waved his arm, nearly causing Mian Mian to fall onto the ground.

Su Yu's bad temper was well known amongst the others; he had never treated women nicely and were often harsh with them.

Of course, he never brutally beat any of them, but he did treat women with a rough attitude.

However, there was only one exception…

"Seems like President Su doesn't plan on sleeping with you. You are overthinking, go home, and work hard to do well on the show," Lisa reminded Mian Mian after she realized what was going on.

"Yes, Sister Lisa." Mian Mian walked away in her off-shoulder cocktail dress, with tears in her eyes.

Su Yu got into his black Lamborghini with a cold expression on his face…

"President Su, should I get a driver to take you home?" Lisa asked with concern.

"No." After he spoke, he stepped on the gas pedal and sped off.

- Inside his private mansion -

He still didn't feel like sleeping yet, so he took a Lafite from the shelves and drank it alone.

His phone was placed on the coffee table, and, with just one look at the screen, one could see a beautiful girl in a white nurse uniform and black-rimmed glasses, with an adorable and innocent look on her face.

After a glass of wine, Su Yu grew even more depressed…

He reached out his finger to gently touch the photo on his phone, and mockingly said to himself, "What's with me? Why do I want to see you so bad?"

He didn't have Huo Mian's WeChat, but he did have her phone number. However, he didn't want to call her, because he knew that Huo Mian had a boyfriend.

If he called this late, then it might start a fight between the couple.

Even though Su Yu wanted to compete with her boyfriend, he also wanted to win her fair and square, so he didn't want to use such a despicable method to ruin things with her.

He grew more and more perplexed, so he called his good friend, Wei Liao.

Wei Liao was already half asleep, so when he received the call, he looked at the time and cursed, "Piece of sh*t Su, do you know what time it is? Why the f*ck aren't you sleeping?"

"I can't sleep."

"Then find a girl to sleep with," Wei Liao said nonchalantly.

"Sleep your a*s, I'll give you ten minutes to get to my place."

"I'm not interested in men." Wei Liao laughed.

"Don't worry, I don't like pansy little boys like you."

Wei Liao hung up and immediately drove to Su Yu's mansion, arriving in no later than eight minutes.

Of course, all Su Yu wanted was to drink with him.

"You don't seem to be in a good mood," Wei Liao laughed teasingly with one hand in his pocket.


"You've been like this recently, who is this girl that managed to get you to fall for her? I really want to meet her now," Wei Liao predicted Su Yu's current situation. Su Yu had never been short with money, and Wei Liao hadn't heard of anything bad that happened to his family recently. The only reason he might be troubled would be that he met a girl that he couldn't get. Su Yu had mentioned this in their Wechat group once.

At this, Su Yu sighed and became more depressed, and he chugged another glass of wine.

Wei Liao laughed and walked over. He held up Su Yu's empty glass and looked at it, "Su, this isn't your style."





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