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Season 3

Episode 69

(She's Not Some Woman You Can Touch (6)

Huo Mian was a pretty conservative woman; she only learned about s*x from textbooks, and as a practitioner of medicine, she only objectively analyzed it from the perspective of physiology. Aside from that one drunken incident seven years ago, she never even had any hands-on experience. Therefore, when Qin Chu provocatively teased her, her entire body tensed up out of nervousness.

Qin Chu hugged Huo Mian from behind, and his hands moved up and down her body. He first breathed at her neck and then kissed her with his cold lips. He was incredibly patient…

Yet, Huo Mian felt like she was in danger…

Finally, Huo Mian couldn't take it anymore. She turned around. "Honey…"

However, Qin Chu immediately covered her mouth with his own and French-kissed kissed her deeply but tenderly…

Huo Mian's entire world began to spin around, and her brain was about to shut down…

Although she kept telling herself to stay rational and not give in like this… her body instinctively told her that she couldn't take it any longer and was about to burst…

Under the bright lights, Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian's face, which was red from shyness, her eyes closed because she was nervous, and her slightly curly eyelashes… All that was left on his face was endless tenderness…

He was a person that always appeared ice cold, yet he could be so gentle to Huo Mian.

He was arrogant but sweet to Huo Mian.

He was heartless but lovesick for Huo Mian.

He was quiet but always had so much to talk about with Huo Mian.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, kept her eyes tightly shut…

Then, she felt the warmth of a big palm caressing her collarbone, slowly moving southwards…

She was so nervous that her face turned crimson…

Yet, she did not have the courage to push Qin Chu away…

Only because this man was the only man that she had ever loved so deeply.

Suddenly, Qin Chu's movements stopped, and everything went quiet…

The air calmed down, and curious, Huo Mian opened her eyes.

She saw Qin Chu looking at her, unmoving, like a rock…

"You…" She opened her mouth, not sure what to say.

"You had your eyes closed. Were you waiting for me to do something?" The corners of Qin Chu's mouth raised into a smile.

Almost immediately, Huo Mian came back to her senses. She tightened her grasp around her shirt collar and, with a long face, she said, "Of course not, are you kidding me?"

"Your face is really red, what were you thinking about just now?" Qin Chu purposely asked her.

"I was thinking of how spicy that hot pot we just had was."

"Why is your face red?" Qin Chu was unwilling to let go.

"Because it was too spicy, okay?" Huo Mian was looking for any excuse.

Qin Chu wanted to laugh…

This was his first time teasing this girl like that. She's so cute.

Qin Chu originally wanted to seize the opportunity and eat her up, but he felt that the timing wasn't right.

He was no longer in a hurry because he now knew that Huo Mian cared about him.

He was going to wait until the time was right and create the most romantic scene for them to consummate their relationship for the first time in seven years.

He was going to make it a night Huo Mian would never forget…

So as for what happened just now, he really was just teasing Huo Mian. It was his revenge for her continued rejection.

Upon seeing Huo Mian's shy expression and awkward response, he felt exhilarated.

After Huo Mian readjusted her clothes, she sat back onto the couch and turned on the TV to watch Bonnie Bears.

She was pretending as nothing happened…

"Were you… expecting something just now?"


"But you look disappointed, were your urges not satisfied?"

"Qin Chu, you as* face, do you not want to sleep on my bed tonight?"

"Honey, I apologize… should we continue with what we were doing just now…" Qin Chu held out his hand to hug Huo Mian's shoulders.

But she immediately avoided him…

"Hey, Honey, don't be angry. I was joking around."

"Qin Chu, can you be even more of a villain? Aren't you afraid that you won't have any friends left?" Huo Mian never thought that one day, Qin Chu would be teasing her.

She really did think that something would happen just now…

However, not only did nothing happen, he saw right through her and made fun of her…

Where was justice?

While Huo Mian and Qin Chu were having fun in their luxurious condo, our Young Master Su was drinking alone at a nightclub.

"Hey, why has Young Master Su been unhappy ever since he was discharged?" one rich boy asked another quietly.





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