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Season 3

Episode 73

(She's Not Some Woman You Can Touch (10)

"Surprised? Not really, but you did scare me. Do you know how sad I'll be if something were to happen to you?"

Qin Chu felt somewhat bad; if he didn't recognize her voice immediately, his bodyguards really would've heartlessly tossed her out.

If she was wounded because of that, then it would be like taking out a piece of his heart. Doesn't this woman know that?

"Nothing will happen to me." Guilty, Huo Mian snuck a peek at Qin Chu.

The best solution in front of Huo Mian's irrationality was to forcefully kiss her…

Qin Chu threw her onto the sofa, and then he pressed onto her as he wildly kissed her.

By the end, she had no more energy left… and he finally let her go.

Just then, a knock came from outside. "Boss, there's a press release soon, please control yourself."

Control? Qin Chu's face grew dark, Assistant Yang seemed to be begging for a beating recently…

Qin Chu angrily opened the door and looked at assistant Yang, "Postpone it for an hour."


"You say one more word and I will have you pack your things and head home immediately."

After he spoke, he then slammed the door with a 'bang'. Assistant Yang felt incredibly wronged and forcefully held back on what he wanted to ask.

"Mr. Qin, aren't you a bit too arrogant?" Huo Mian asked as she dripped in sweat.

"Now, is it your turn to kiss me, or should I continue kissing you?"

"Uhm…" Huo Mian wondered why she felt like a lamb in a tiger's cave. How could a president of a multi-billion yuan business empire be like this? Qin Chu postponed business to mess around with a girl in the lounge. My gosh, how did a person like this manage to be ranked one of the top ten most accomplished entrepreneurs?

Forty minutes later…

Huo Mian ran out of the room with a mask, and even though she walked very fast with her head down, she still received odd looks from the bodyguards and Assistant Yang. They all thought that she was only a random female fan.

A minute later, Qin Chu walked out, and there were still hints of lip balm on his lips…

"Boss, here," Yang quickly passed Qin Chu a tissue; because of his mistake earlier, he tried to suck up to Qin Chu.

Qin Chu took it with arrogance and gracefully wiped the corners of his mouth…

The truth was, he didn't want to wipe away the prints of his wife, but there was no other way because he had to attend a press conference soon.

Huo Mian's sudden appearance did surprise him, and he really wanted to have her stay for dinner.

However, it truly was inconvenient, because there were too many media outlets present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Huo Mian didn't want their relationship to become public yet, so he didn't want to force it upon her.

- At the headquarters of Imperial Star Entertainment -

A mountainous pile of documents sat on the office table as Su Yu played around with the pen in his hand, having no intention of doing work.

"President Su, these are the trainees who signed with our company this year. 'Encounter in September' will start shooting soon, and production wants you to pick one as the supporting female role."

Su Yu's assistant was a forty-something-year-old woman who looked incredibly serious. She was widely known as a workaholic who conducted things in a fierce manner.

She had obtained her Ph.D. from a foreign university, and apparently, Su Yu used an incredible amount of money to headhunt her from a company in S City.

"Lisa, I'll let you decide."

"President Su, 'September Encounters' is the main idol drama that our company is promoting this year, and it has immense potential commercial profit. I think it's best for you to personally make the decision. If you don't want to look over the options one by one, I could send the documents to your email."

"That's not necessary, just give me some recommendations, and I'll pick from them," Su Yu said, not paying much attention.

Helpless, Lisa had no choice but to open up the documents in her hands. Then, she started reading, "I've closely looked through them. There are a total of 68 trainees, but only three exceptional ones. The first one's name is Cheng Xiaomei, but it sounds way too old fashioned, so I've already changed her stage name to Cheng Xiruo. The second is Wang Shuang. She has an innocent look and would be better suited to act in high school dramas, with the potential to become the new idol for younger male audiences. The third is very pretty and well behaved, but she doesn't have many distinguishing features and looks like all the beautiful girls that are internet-famous. I think that she might have gotten work done on her face. She even gave herself a stage name, called Cotton Candy (Mianhuatang), all her fans call her Mian Mian."

"Mian Mian?" Su Yu finally grew interested.

"Yes, the name is a bit tacky.."

"Who said that? I think this name is nice, let's go with her…" Su Yu immediately interrupted.

"President Su…?" Lisa wanted to say something else, but she saw that Su Yu had once again lowered his head to play on his phone.

This girl, Mian Mian, had now oddly received the blessing of good fortune...

She might not have known this, but she wasn't picked because of her figures or looks since Su Yu didn't even know what she looked like.

It was only because she had a 'Mian' in her name, which enabled her to successfully stand out from the others...

That night, at the party celebrating the start of filming of this new drama, a sweet-looking girl walked over, "Hi President Su, I'm Mian Mian. Thanks for giving me this precious opportunity! I'll put in my full effort and won't let you down."

Su Yu immediately turned around when he heard 'Mian Mian'.





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