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Season 3

Episode 72

(She's Not Some Woman You Can Touch (9)

Ever since Huo Mian became a head nurse at South Side, she was busier than ever. Those in other departments often asked for her help as well.

They heard that Huo Mian was incredibly skilled and diligent at her work, and, as a result, her personal time diminished, again and again.

Qin Chu protested a couple of times, but she coquettishly fought him off.

Finally, it was the weekend. She took a day off in hopes that she could spend some time with Qin Chu, but she realized that he was working overtime.

When she was cleaning the apartment that morning, she saw on the news that today was the ribbon-cutting ceremony for GK's Western Warmth Hotel.

Apparently, many planned on attending, and the hotel was like a movie star's press conference.

Therefore, Huo Mian suddenly had an idea and decided to surprise Mr. Qin.

She took a black Nike sports outfit from her closet and put on a white baseball cap. She felt like a student again.

She took out a white mask and then headed to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Squeezed between the people, she wanted to take some photos of Qin Chu, but realized how hard it was.

There were so many people there and a couple of girls even called Qin Chu 'hubby' right in front of her. It was just unbelievable.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Huo Mian saw Qin Chu go into the hotel lobby, so she quietly followed him.

When Qin Chu, accompanied by his assistant, was heading towards the lounge, Huo Mian suddenly pushed aside the people in front of her and ran up to him. She grabbed Qin Chu's hand and said, "President Qin, can you take a photo with me?"

Qin Chu was surprised when he heard her voice…

In his daze, four or five bodyguards in black came out of nowhere and immediately grabbed Huo Mian.

Then, they began dragging her out, in an attempt to throw her out the door…

Her hands were tied and couldn't even take off her mask. She was going crazy when Qin Chu, with perfect timing, yelled, "Let go of her…"

"President Qin… she might be a crazy fan, it's too dangerous," Assistant Yang reminded him.

"Let her go, tell her to come in." Then, Qin Chu opened the door and went into the lounge.

Huo Mian stood there, flabbergasted. Why would Qin Chu do that all of a sudden? Did he recognize her?

That was impossible… she was wearing so many clothes that she was practically Bonnie Bear… it didn't seem possible.

"Let go of her! Hurry up, didn't you hear him?" Assistant Yang said.

The bodyguards let go of Huo Mian, who then walked towards Qin Chu's lounge while everyone was staring at her.

Each step was harder than the last; afraid that someone would recognize her, she pulled down her cap and readjusted her mask.

When she opened the door and went in, she didn't even get a chance to figure out what was happening before someone lifted her up by the waist.

She immediately shrieked in fear…

"Ah! Put me down!"

"How should I punish you for your mischievousness?" Qin Chu lowered his head and pulled off her mask.

Behind the mask was Huo Mian's innocent and pretty face…

The bodyguards became excited at the sound of someone screaming. Their expressions were rich.

Yang was shocked as well. Did his boss have a fetish? Was he harassing a female fan in the lounge?

Plus, he didn't even know her; she was wearing a mask.

Now isn't this a bit too stimulating…

"Honey, can you put me down?" Huo Mian, face blushed, was embarrassed that he was still carrying her.

"Did you know that the bodyguards almost threw you out just now?"

"I did."

"Then why would you do that?" He was speechless that she was still able to walk tall, even after doing something wrong.

"I was just trying to surprise you, you think it was easy?"




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