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Season 3

Episode 75

(Young Master Su Is Not In the Mood (2)

"What's my style?" Su Yu raised his head.

"You're determined and always get what you want. I've known you for more than twenty years, and you've never chased after a girl for any more than an hour because none of them can contain themselves in front of you."

Wei Liao was right. Once, one of the female celebrities wanted to play hard to get, so when Su Yu laid his eyes on her, she kindly rejected him.

As a result, Su Yu slept with a younger trainee in that celebrity's company that night. On the second day, that girl became the lead actress on a major film, subsequently becoming a big star.

Once the little celebrity began to regret things, she came looking for Su Yu, but Su Yu had already forgotten who she was.

Later, everyone in the circle found out that Su Yu didn't like to be rejected. If he took an interest in you, then you'd better hurry over to him and start taking off your clothes.

The truth was, if you played hard to get, then you'll lose that opportunity, and perhaps never get to see Su Yu ever again.

"She's different from the others," Su Yu said in all seriousness.

"Different how? Women are the same, just throw money at them."

"If it were really that easy, then what do I need you for?" Su Yu was pissed.

"Right, with your intelligence, you could get a girl in a matter of seconds, but if someone like you failed, it could only mean three things," Wei Liao analyzed.

Su Yu froze, "What three things?"

Wei Liao raised his index finger, "First, she doesn't love you. She's probably into someone else, so she doesn't care about you."

"Yes," Su Yu nodded and admitted that.

Wei Liao continued and raises his middle finger, "Second, it proves that she's not into the money, because if she dated you she would have all the money in the world, but she didn't, which proves that she's not interested in your status and power."

"That's absolutely right," Su Yu gave Wei Liao a thumbs up; his analysis was absolutely correct.

"Third, it proves that she's got quite an attitude, or we could say that she's pretty bold. There's that saying on the Internet: 'You might think you're a big shot, but I don't.' I think the girl you like is probably one of those rare badasses."

Su Yu got up in a 'swoosh' and patted Wei Liao's shoulder, "I think you're pretty badass too, holy crap you are smarter than before."

"So it seems like I'm right." Wei Liao smiled confidently.

"You are exactly right, that's what it is. So, what do you think I should do to get her?"

"R*pe her."

"Get lost." Su Yu lost his patience when he saw how off the grid Wei Liao was.

"Really, I'm not joking. I think that if you like her, just sleep with her, even if it's r*pe. You'll end up in jail at most, but if you're scared of ending up in jail for her, then you're not qualified to say that you love her. If you end up in jail, then wait until you get out, and keep r*ping her after you get out, then go back to jail, and r*pe when you get out. You'll just have to r*pe her until she questions her life." (TL: Noodletown does not condone this type of behavior, so don't listen to this as*face's advice. He might be smart, but he's retarded)

"What are you? Some crazy lunatic with all your bullshit?" Su Yu's face completely darkened...

Originally, he called him over to help him come up with ideas, but what sort of idea is that? It was absolutely insane.

On the other side, after the press release ended, Qin Chu immediately rushed home. After dinner, both he and Huo Mian were bored.

Huo Mian suggested that they see a movie; she said that there was a new Hollywood movie called "Fantastical Forest", which claimed to have great 3D scenes.

Qin Chu was a wife-spoiler, so he naturally went along with whatever she said.

Finally, the two drove to the nearby Wanda Square. It was the weekend, so there were a lot of people.

Qin Chu went to get the tickets, along with popcorn and cola, which made Huo Mian very happy.

She never thought that Qin Chu would be this considerate. Little did she know that Qin Chu knew how to get the tickets because he went with Assistant Yang and his wife last time.

However, Huo Mian was shocked when he handed her the bucket of tickets…

"Uhm… you bought all the seats in the auditorium?"

"Yes, it'll be like a VIP room, with just the two of us," Qin Chu nodded.

"Wouldn't that be scary?" Huo Mian was scared of watching movies with hardly anyone around, as she would feel a bit insecure.

"It'll be fine, I'll be there."

"But that's exactly why I'm scared. What if you use the opportunity to do things to me?" Huo Mian spoke in all seriousness.

Qin Chu, "…"

"Hahaha, just kidding, did you really believe what I said?" Huo Mian laughed very hard when she saw how confused Qin Chu was.

Just as the two laughed and chatted with each other, a familiar voice suddenly shouted, "Sis…?"

Huo Mian turned around, and her expression changed dramatically…





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