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Season 3

Episode 66

(She's Not Some Woman You Can Touch (3)

"Of course not, Mian is my little sister."

"It's not like she's related to you by blood." Su Yu went straight to the point. Huo Siqian's expression changed, but just for a second.

"You're thinking too much, Young Master Su. Mian isn't my type."

"Right, you have always liked 36D or bigger."

"Haha, you know me well."

Then, Huo Siqian and Su Yu proceeded with small talk; neither of them brought up Huo Mian's name again.

However, they also discovered something about each other.

Huo Siqian realized that Su Yu was genuinely interested in Huo Mian.

When he was walking up to him, he peaked at Su Yu's phone and noticed that he was looking at a photo of Huo Mian.

Although Su Yu quickly pressed the home button, Huo Siqian still saw it.

Su Yu, on the other hand, discovered that Huo Siqian's expression became weird whenever Huo Mian's name was mentioned.

Although he had been trying extremely hard to cover up his feelings.

Su Yu wasn't just another stupid man with a lot of money, he was part of the military for several years.

As an elite in the special forces, his brain and physique were all top notch.

His sharp instincts told him that Huo Siqian didn't just treat Huo Mian like a sister.

He felt something towards her that was inappropriate to feel towards a sister…

Huo Mian kept her promotion on the down-low; aside from the people that already knew from the hospital, she only mentioned it to Qin Chu.

However, although she wanted to keep it low-key, Qin Chu immediately reserved a table at Seven Aromas Hot Pot.

Seven Aromas was known for its spicy-broth hot pots. The broth was delicious, so they were very popular.

Plus, this was a high-end, expensive restaurant, where even the beef was supplied by free-range cattle ranches.

Over there, hot pot cost more than ten thousand yuan a meal…

Not only did Qin Chu reserve a table at the hot pot restaurant, he also decided to invite Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling on behalf of Huo Mian.

Therefore, when the four of them met up for dinner, the atmosphere changed again.

"Oh wow, new car? Seems like you're dating someone new."

"What does that have to do with you?" Zhu Lingling glared at Gao Ran.

"I was just wondering how blind the guy must have been to agree to date someone like you."

"There are lots of blind guys in this world. Either way, at least I'm better than you, Mr. Forever-Alone. You're gonna be alone for the rest of your life, that's too bad."

"Who says I'm single? Let me tell you, I have quite a few admirers. There are buckets after buckets of policewomen at our bureau who are all into me. It's not like you'd understand."

"Buckets after buckets? Are you sure you're talking about women and not potatoes?" Zhu Lingling snapped back.

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were like mortal enemies from birth; they wreaked havoc onto each other every time they met.

Huo Mian watched and laughed as they fought…

Qin Chu, on the other hand, quietly put beef onto Huo Mian's plate…

"Come on, can you guys not be so cheesy? Are you trying to kill us single people out here?" Gao Ran wailed unhappily.

"Hey, not us, just you. I'm not single," Zhu Lingling emphasized.

"Soon you will be."

"Phft, I can't believe you cursed me. If we really break up, I swear I'm going to…"

"If you break up, you should date Gao Ran. You guys will be great together," Huo Mian suggested while eating hot pot.

"Don't, ma'am, don't do that to me. My eyesight is fine, I'm not blind yet."

"Don't worry, it's just a matter of time," Huo Mian laughed.

"Qin Chu, get your wife in order, she's openly cursing the people's police."

Gao Ran sent help signals at Qin Chu…

"My wife has a point."

"Seriously… you're basically controlled by your wife. It's too late to save you."

"That's why a single person like you would never understand what it feels like to be in love." Zhu Lingling laughed.

"You guys eat, bye." Then, Gao Ran got up and pretended to leave.

"Remember to pick up the bill on your way out," Qin Chu said slowly.

"Sh*t, where's your humanity, President of GK? I can't believe that you would make a little cop like me pay for the bill. Where did you get the audacity?"

"Not all cops have the ability to drive Jaguars. Therefore… you're a capable cop." Huo Mian burst into laughter.

"Hey, you ungrateful woman, I even asked for time off to come to celebrate your promotion. This is how the two of you treat me? The friendship boat sure sinks fast."

Gao Ran's remarks sent Zhu Lingling and Huo Mian into a hysterical laughter.

"Don't sink the boat, it's my treat today." Huo Mian immediately raised her hand, signaling that she would be the one paying.

"Hey, Mian, I saw on the news that Su Yu was discharged today?" Zhu Lingling suddenly asked, hoping for some gossip.





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