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Season 3

Episode 62

(The So-Called “Love me, Love my Dog” (4)

"Oh right, you don't know about it yet? We heard about it already, looks like your news really isn't up to date."

"Uhm… I really didn't know."

Huo Mian rarely paid attention to the gossip around the hospital. She only focuses on the patients in her area, so it was understandable that her news wasn't up to date.

"Be careful though, Tingting - the nurse on the other shift, might be really pissed off. She applied for the promotion several times and never got it. Now that you've been promoted all of a sudden, she will definitely be pissed off at you."

"Yea, Tingting is different from Nannan. Nannan only wants money and a rich husband, so she never planned to stay around at the hospital. Tingting values power and status, and she had always wanted to seize opportunities to rise up among the ranks, so you should be careful."

Afterward, the few nurses giggled and left…

The truth was, Huo Mian didn't know them too well; however, their departments were close by, so she would occasionally go over to help.

Only Tingting, Nannan, and Xiaomei worked at the Orthopaedics Department.

After Xiaomei was wounded, a nurse from another department was transferred over to take her place. That nurse was called Wang Xiaoyan; she didn't talk a lot and hadn't really interacted with Huo Mian.

As she was immersed in her thoughts, the head nurse, Song Ling suddenly walked over, "Huo Mian, come with me."

- Inside the department office -

"Huo Mian, you must have heard about your promotion already, the hospital will release an official announcement at noon."

"Promotion?" Huo Mian was still somewhat confused.

"Yes, you're now the head nurse of the Orthopaedic Department."

"What about you?" Huo Mian was surprised.

Song Ling laughed. "I've been transferred to the Finance Department to act as their new director."

"That's great, congratulations!"

"Thanks," Song Ling seemed to be happy as well.

"There are two reasons for your promotion. First, the patients you took care of all made the recommendation, which meant that Mr. Liu in room #2 said plenty of good things about you, and even though Mr. Su didn't say much, he did give you an 'A' on your performance report. It seems that he's quite satisfied with you. Your performance has been exceptional over the days you've been here, and I also gave you an 'A'. But most importantly, it was because of Director Wu's recommendation that you were promoted so soon."

"Director Wu?"

"Yes, Director Wu seems to value you quite highly. After your promotion, you'll be the head nurse of our department, and I trust you to do a good job. Your paycheck will be twelve thousand yuan per month from now on, with lots of other benefits, so… do a good job, okay?"

"Thanks, Head Nurse. Oops, I meant thank you, Director Song," Huo Mian smiled as she scratched her head.

Song Ling should have been transferred away a long time ago, but no one was able to take over her position yet.

Now that Huo Mian was here, she felt reassured, or else she really wouldn't trust leaving her work to those unreliable girls.

"Tingting might be angry, so please be considerate of her feelings," reminded Song Ling.

"I understand."

"Very good then, off to work you go. I'm rooting for you."

Huo Mian felt a bit perplexed as she walked out of the office. She hadn't had the chance to see Director Wu after she saved Wu Xiaoxue.

She was surprised about her sudden promotion, but even though it wasn't a great position, it was still rare for a 24-year-old young woman like Huo Mian to become the head nurse at a top-notch hospital.

At the on-call station, Tingting was speaking with the other nurses. When she saw Huo Mian come her way, she sneered, "Congratulations on your promotion."


"Things sure are different after taking care of Young Master Su, it must be nice when there's someone looking out for you."

"What do you mean by that, Tingting?" Huo Mian smiled.

"You don't know what I mean? Why are you still pretending? The entire hospital knows about you and Young Master Su. Huo Mian. You're good, there are so many pretty girls at our hospital, but you're the lucky one that Mr. Su laid his eyes on."

"So you're now jealous of me?" Huo Mian asked Wang Tingting as she looked at her.

"I'm just confused. since you are already with Young Master Su, why are you still here at South Side? Shouldn't you be living your luxurious life? The head nurse position is such a pity for you, shouldn't you be the young Mrs. Su by now?"

The other few nurses giggled after hearing what Wang Tingting said.

"But I just like being a head nurse at South Side, I think this position… suits me well," Huo Mian stared into Wang Tingting's eyes as she spoke, enunciating every word.





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