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Season 3

Episode 4

(Fighting over Food)

Just then, the electric stove beeped, signaling that the water had finished boiling. Huo Mian immediately pushed Qin Chu aside and got up awkwardly.

"Um… the water's ready. Let's have hotpot."


Qin Chu's expression was filled with desire. He obviously wanted more but still listened to Huo Mian.

It was early autumn and a little chilly. The couple enjoyed a steaming meal of hot pot at home, their hearts warm with broth and each other.

Suddenly, Qin Chu's cell phone began to ring…

"What do you want?"

"I just got off work, let's go out for a drink." Gao Ran was in high spirits.


"Why not?" Gao Ran immediately became unhappy at Qin Chu's rejection.

"I already ate at home."

"Oh, so you're spending time with the wife. I haven't had dinner yet, can I bum a meal off of you guys?"

"No," Qin Chu refused decisively.

"Hey, what kind of a friend are you? Think about it, I helped you and Huo Mian out a lot! Huo Mian was going to marry that ex-boyfriend of hers, who was busted hiring prostitutes. Did I or did I not call you at once, and create an opportunity for you guys? Then, I helped investigate that truck. Oh, and when Huo Mian got into that fight with the patient's family and was injured, didn't I call you right away too? I can't believe that you would burn bridges so soon! Are capitalists all like you?"

Gao Ran rambled on and on, softening up Qin Chu's determined attitude …

He looked at Huo Mian. She immediately asked, "Who is it?"

"Gao Ran wants to come here for dinner."

"Yeah, he can come."

Just as Gao Ran was about to thank Huo Mian, she said, "Let me call Lingling over as well."

"Oh, hey, I just remembered that there's something urgent I need to deal with, I'll pass on dinner tonight. Maybe another time. Ha~"

Before hanging up, Gao Ran said to Qin Chu, "Qin Chu, you guys make a good couple, you're both evil."

Then, he hung up…

Qin Chu laughed as he put his phone on the table…

"What are you laughing at?" Huo Mian looked at him, confused.

"Nothing." Qin Chu didn't want to say.

The next day, Qin Chu had to catch the plane to go on a business trip, so he woke up early to leave.

As Huo Mian was eating breakfast, she suddenly remembered how disgusting the food at South Side cafeteria was and decided to pack her own lunch.

The patients' meals at South Side Recuperation Center were really good, because they paid for it themselves, and the ingredients were flown in fresh from the source.

However, the chefs at South Side, usually busy cooking for the patients, would often ignore the employees.

Huo Mian thought that their stir-fry tasted like pig food. Of course, she never had pig food before, but it was an educated guess.

To save time, Huo Mian made kimbap, which was a Korean-style of sushi. She also bought a jar of kimchi when she passed by the grocery store.

It was a perfect combination…

After spending her morning taking care of the patient in room 2, she brought her lunchbox out to the bench in the hall. She was just getting ready to dig in when Su Yu, who had just finished his post-rehab session, walked out from the other end of the hall with the help of his bodyguards.

Right away he knew that it was Huo Mian. Not because she was insanely beautiful; rather, it was because she was the only nurse who wore a baggy white uniform. The other nurses all wore short dresses, so that had to be her.

Ever since Su Yu was admitted, he had experienced a loss of appetite. He didn't like any of the food brought to him – seafood, stir-fry, dessert, or anything else.

Being stuck in bed all day irritated him so much that it spoiled his appetite.

A few of the female celebrities that belonged to his company were good at cooking and brought him home-cooked meals now and then, but Su Yu just threw everything in the trash.

However, just then, he saw Huo Mian sitting there, enjoying her lunch. He didn't know what she was eating, but it certainly spiked his interest and appetite.

When he passed by Huo Mian, he glanced at what she was eating. Each seaweed wrap was small, cute, and delicate-looking.

They were in the shape of little bears, and she used seaweed to make eyes and ears. They were adorable.

"What's that you're eating?" He was curious.

"Kimbap, it's Korean-style sushi," Huo Main answered without looking up.

"Give me one," Su Yu demanded.

"Don't even think about it." Huo Mian looked up with a stern expression on her face.




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