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Season 3

Episode 76

(Young Master Su Is Not In the Mood (3)

Huo Mian and Qin Chu never imagined that they would see Jing Zhixin here…

Jing Zhixin came with a female classmate who seemed a bit shy. She was wearing glasses and wasn't very pretty.

"Uhm… Zhixin, why are you here?" asked Huo Mian.

"I came to watch a movie with my classmate, we got it through Groupon."

"Oh…" Huo Mian felt a bit awkward.

"Sis, this is my classmate, Zheng Yanru," Jing Zhixin introduced.

Then he said, "This is my older sister, Huo Mian."

Then, Jing Zhixin looked at Qin Chu and said, "This is my sister's boyfriend."

"Hello, sister, and brother-in-law," Zheng Yanru greeted them shyly.

Qin Chu nodded slightly in response...

Huo Mian felt very uncomfortable… If she knew that they would be found out, and then she would've confessed to Zhixin earlier.

"Oh, hi."

"Sis, what are you guys watching?" Zhixin didn't seem to mind seeing his sister and Qin Chu together.

"Fantastical Forest."

"We're watching that too, why don't we go together?" Jing Zhixin was excited.

"Let's not, you guys can go first." Huo Mian refused politely.

To her surprise, Qin Chu said, "Then let's go together? There're lots of empty seats in the VIP room anyways."

"Really? That's great, we really hit the jackpot with you guys on the VIP," smiled Jing Zhixin.

In the end, the four of them walked into the movie theatre together...

They each sat on the plush sofas. The girl was very conservative; she would occasionally pull on Jing Zhixin's sleeve and whisper into his ear.

Qin Chu, on the other hand, reached to wrap his hand around Huo Mian's waist. Even though he wanted to be more intimate with her, it was inconvenient for him to do so with this little brother-in-law around.

The four watched the movie awkwardly and then finally walked out together.

"Sis, are you hungry? Why don't we get something to eat?"

"No, it's fine" Huo Mian immediately refused. Legit, this could not get more awkward.

She didn't tell Zhixin that she was with Qin Chu, and Zhixin didn't tell her that he was dating. What a scene...

"It's late, we should go now, maybe some other time." Qin Chu was quite polite.

"Okay, Big Brother Qin Chu, then we'll head back now, you guys should drive safely."

Jing Zhixin happily said goodbye to Qin Chu and Huo Mian, but before he left, he didn't forget to tell his sister, "Be good to Big Brother Qin Chu, don't be too mean!"

"Mind your own business, you little brat." Huo Mian knocked on Zhixin's head.

The truth was, Zhixin didn't say this for no reason. When Huo Mian was dating Qin Chu, she was only seventeen, and Jing Zhixin was only twelve. But, that didn't stop him from witnessing how his sister brutally treated this future brother-in-law of his.

On the way back, Huo Mian seemed somewhat distracted.

"What's up? Are you scared that Zhixin will tell your mom?" Qin Chu drove with one hand, while his other hand tightly held onto Huo Mian's hand.

Huo Mian shook her head, "No, I'm worried about Zhixin."

"You're worried that the girl only approached him because I gave him that sports car?" Qin Chu's words clearly spoke of Huo Mian's mind.

Huo Mian immediately nodded…

"Don't worry, he's old enough to deal with things his own way."

"Zhixin is too innocent, I'm only worried that he'll get hurt."

"You can't take care of him forever, he'll have to grow up himself eventually."

Huo Mian nodded, and then she laid her tired head on Qin Chu's leg…

"I… won't be able to control myself if you do that."

"What are you thinking? Drive your car." Huo Mian sneakily pinched Qin Chu's leg in fury.

"Didn't Zhixin just tell you to be nicer to me?"

"Then, do you want to marry Zhixin instead?" Huo Mian rolled her eyes.

Qin Chu twisted his mouth into a smile and couldn't help but laugh. He no longer dared to piss off his lady…

She felt so relaxed on Qin Chu's leg that she fell asleep…

When Huo Mian woke up, she noticed that they were still inside the car, and an hour had already passed.

"Are you crazy? Why didn't you wake me up?" Huo Mian got up immediately.

"You were sleeping so soundly."




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