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Season 3

Episode 60

(The So-Called “Love me, Love my Dog” (2)

"Don't be mad, sis. I really didn't know what happened, I also didn't know that GK sponsored this. I only noticed today when I got the car. I didn't do this on purpose, so please don't tell mom." Jing Zhixin knew that GK was his mom and sister's pressure point.

It was clear that he felt quite melancholic.

"Have… you seen him?" asked Huo Mian tentatively.

"Who? Big Brother Qin Chu?"


"No, Qin Chu's assistant helped me with the registration materials when I went today. Honestly, Sis, my design wasn't so great, but it still managed to win. Everyone said that I lucked out big time. I'm not a natural-born genius like you are, and no matter how hard I try, my grades are only average, so I thought that me winning this award had something to do with you. I thought that… Big Brother Qin Chu still likes you, and he wanted to use this opportunity to get closer to you."

Huo Mian sighed after she heard what he said. She really wanted to tell Zhixin that she was already with Qin Chu.

However, she was scared that it would stress Zhixin out if he knew. So after some thought, she chose not to talk about it.

"This car is the model from the Transformers movie, right?" Huo Mian asked as she looked at the sports car.

Jing Zhixin nodded aggressively, "Yes, it's Bumblebee, my favorite. It's the Chevrolet Camaro from the Transformers series. It's my favorite car, and I didn't know that Qin Chu would know my taste so well, it's amazing."

"How much does this cost?"

"I think it's about four hundred thousand or so on the market, so I didn't have the guts to keep it. Why don't you give it back to Qin Chu for me?" Jing Zhixin might love cars, but he knew what he should and shouldn't take, especially because of the special relationship between his sister and Qin Chu.

"Leave the car here, for now, don't drive it away just yet. I'll figure out what to do with it later."


"Sis, you've lost weight! Are you exhausted from work lately?" Jing Zhixin looked at Huo Mian, who had just got off her night shift, with hints of sympathy.

She had dark circles around her eyes and looked quite broken down from all the late nights, but she didn't even notice it herself.

"I'm fine, just take care of yourself. Have you been having headaches lately?"


"What about the medicine, are you still taking it?"

"I am, there are only two kinds left."

"Okay, keep taking it, it's good for your recovery."

"Sis, why don't you move back? Mom has nagged me about it several times; she says that renting outside costs a lot for you, and it would be better if you just come back and live at home. I know that she wants you back, not because it saves money, but because it would be great if all three of us lived together."

"Let's talk about this later, I'm heading back now, call me if you need anything." She didn't stay long and drove home soon after.

After she cleaned up, she took a nap until evening, when she was awakened by the sound of the door opening.

"Did you arrange for Zhixin's car to be delivered?" she asked impatiently as he entered.


"Why didn't you run it by me?"

"I told you already," Qin Chu said nonchalantly...

The fact was, he really did mention it once before, but Huo Mian never agreed to it.

"But I never agreed."

"It's not for you, so does your agreement matter so much?"

Huo Mian, "…."

Huo Mian sighed slightly and sat down beside Qin Chu, "You can't do this. He's only a student, you can't spoil him."

"I wasn't spoiling him, that's why I picked such an inexpensive car. If I was really spoiling him, I would've bought him a Porsche."

"Qin…" Just as Huo Mian said one word, Qin Chu raised his head to stare at her with an upset look.

She immediately changed her tone, "Honey, you're really going to spoil him rotten."

"He's your brother, which means he's also my brother. What's wrong with spoiling him?"

Clearly, if one man got his way, he would do anything he liked, but Huo Mian understood Qin Chu's way of "love her, love her dog" mentality thoroughly.

"But your methods will make him think that he'll just get things without working for them."

"Then he won't have to work for them. Plus, we don't need him to work after he graduates, he can do whatever he wants. Just let him."

"You can't do that, he's a man, and he has to have a sense of responsibility."

"You know your brother's personality better than I do. That child is innocent and kind, nothing will happen to him just because of a car. Don't get crazy ideas."

"But…" Huo Mian wanted to say something else, but she was cut off by Qin Chu.

"I'm hungry. Honey, can you make me some dinner?"

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian, and she finally admitted defeat...

She ran to the kitchen, and Qin Chu smiled in victory. He was very good at changing the subject.

During dinner, Huo Mian said casually, "Zhixin mentioned that he wants me to move back with them today."

"So that little kid is paying back my kindness with vengeance?" Qin Chu's face turned grim. His brother-in-law just took his car, and now he wants to steal his wife back? Seriously?




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