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Season 3

Episode 1

( Shunned)

"Why do I have to respond to something like this?"

"But Ms. Luo Feifei is the newest spokesperson for our line of female footwear this season." Assistant Yang looked like he was about to cry.

The chairman of the board couldn't find the president and, therefore, called again and again. However, Yang didn't know what he was supposed say.

From what President Qin said this morning, he didn't seem to know Luo Feifei. However, her remarks were so ambiguous during the interview just now that no one was going to believe that there was nothing between them.

Countless media representatives gathered around GK's entrance; it didn't seem right to not provide them with a response.

Assistant Yang's words finally caught Qin Chu's attention.

He looked up, frowning slightly. "Did you just say that she's a spokesperson for our company?"


"Who decided this?" unhappy, Qin Chu asked.

"They all agreed on this during the last board meeting. Oh, you were on a business trip at the time, so the Chairman made an executive decision. Luo Feifei is very popular right now and charged a reasonable fee, so we signed a one-year contract with her."

"Notify the marketing department to immediately terminate the contract. I want someone else."

"Um… who else?"

"Anyone else."

"But sir, we will have to pay a fine for this breach of contract," Assistant Yang said with difficulty.

"You don't think I have the money?" Qin Chu countered with a question of his own.

"No, no, that's not what I meant, I just wanted to say…"

"Shouldn't you be going now?" Qin Chu's face fell.

Yang immediately ran to the Marketing Department and announced the president's orders; the Finance Department then began calculating the penalties they needed to pay, and the company's Legal Department gathered to prepare a termination contract and attempted to minimize company losses.

In addition, the PR Department sent out an announcement, stating that GK would no longer be using Luo Feifei as their spokesperson.

The news caught attention as soon as it came out…

"Feifei, something bad happened! GK breached our contract, and you can't be their spokesperson anymore." Her manager hurried into the changing room.

Luo Feifei stood up immediately upon hearing what her manager said, "What did you say?"

"They want someone else."

"Why?" Luo Feifei's expression went grim.

"I don't know the specifics, but they already called to tell me they're willing to pay the penalty, and that you can't be their spokesperson anymore. Do you know how popular that product is? Whoever is its spokesperson will get a huge boost in popularity. I can't believe we missed that opportunity!"

"I don't want them to pay, I don't need the money. I want to be GK's spokesperson," Luo Feifei said stubbornly.

"It's not like I can do anything about it… Do you think what you said this morning at the press conference pissed President Qin off?"

"I don't think so…" Luo Feifei was unsure as well.

"Also, I heard that…" Her manager hesitated.

"What did you hear?"

"I heard that their president announced that from now on, GK will not be using you as the spokesperson for any of their products."

After Luo Feifei heard this, she immediately fell back into her chair, dumbstruck.

"This can't happen! Liu, you have to help me find a way. Can you call President Qin? I want to explain the situation to him and apologize in person. I can't miss this opportunity. Top-tier celebrities in China have all been GK's spokespersons, I can't miss out on an opportunity like this. If they really block me out of everything, my future will be in jeopardy," Luo Feifei said as she shivered, realizing the seriousness of the situation.

The rims of her eyes turned red…

Her manager was a little angry and annoyed, and thought, should've, would've, could've, what were you thinking? You shouldn't have been so arrogant and pretended that you were in a relationship with him.

What is the point of crying now that she's angered the big boss?

"I'll try, but I can't promise anything. I heard that GK's president is abnormally indifferent and unforgiving."

Qin Chu was busy at work the whole morning; while he ate lunch at the cafeteria, the director of the PR Department walked in.

She was a graceful but stern woman in her forties and a long-time employee of GK.

"President Qin, Luo Feifei's manager contacted me just now. She said that Luo Feifei really wanted to see you, so could she make an appointment to meet with you?"


"Okay, President Qin."

After her request to meet with the president went bust, Luo Feifei, unwilling to admit defeat, trailed behind Qin Chu's car after work.

At an intersection, Qin Chu suddenly stepped on the breaks. Luo Feifei was unable to swerve her white Maserati away, and, 'bang!', her car crashed right into Qin Chu's….





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