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Season 2

Episode 74


"Who are you, what gives you the right to hit me?" the man howled out threats.

Qin Chu did not give a damn and went all out on beating him into a pulp.

Gao Ran heard the man screaming in pain and charged over with Huo Mian.

Gao Ran pulled Qin Chu aside...

This was Huo Mian's first time seeing Qin Chu so vicious. The beating he gave that man was brutal.

The man had no power to fight back. Qin Chu was the heir of a business empire, and he had been studying martial arts since he was young. He knew most fighting styles - Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Sanda, wrestling, and so on.

With Qin Chu's gift, his abilities were probably on par with a professional fighter.

It was not something that this man could handle...

After the man was beaten up, he laid on the ground, unable to get up. The man's head looked like that of a pig from all the bruising.

Gao Ran was flabbergasted; he had never seen Qin Chu unleash such wrath throughout the years they've known each other.

It seemed like that man was tired of living. He messed with Huo Mian, resulting in a beating from Qin Chu. To him, hurting her was even more unacceptable than directly hurting him.

"Bro, you've done enough already, okay? You don't have to personally deal with trash like him."

Hearing Gao Ran plead with him, Qin Chu remained silent. He coldly looked at the man on the ground.

"Wait for it, I am going to sue you for assault…" the man said while gritting his teeth.

"Very well, I'll wait for your lawsuit." When he finished speaking, Qin Chu spun around.

"Qin Chu, let's go."

Qin Chu didn't speak, but he suddenly picked Huo Mian up bridal-style and carried her out.

"Hey, how could you leave with her without signing?" Gao Ran yelled after them.

Qin Chu ignored him; he put Huo Mian in the passenger seat, buckled her seat belt, and sped off.

"You're screwed," looking at the man on the ground, Gao Ran said sympathetically.

He really wanted to ask him why, out of all the people in this world, would he mess with Qin Chu?

More importantly, why would he mess with Qin Chu's wife?

Qin Chu was very dedicated to his wife...

"I can't believe that policemen beated me up. I am going to sue you all," the man wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and viciously said.

"That wasn't a cop, please have some common sense, okay? That's the victim's family."

"So why didn't you stop him when he was beating me? How could you let him intrude in like this? I can't even have my safety assured at the police station. This is police negligence. I am going to file a complaint."

Looking at the man, still arrogant after a beating, Gao Ran hopelessly said, "People like you, with an IQ like a potato, will have no chance of surviving even half an episode of a TV show."

On the road, Qin Chu did not say a single word. He made no reactions, no matter what Huo Mian said.

He maintained a stern expression and looked straight ahead, ignoring Huo Mian's presence.

Huo Mian knew for sure that he must be angry...

However, she also wondered why he was angry.

"Qin Chu, what… what do you want to eat for lunch?"

Qin Chu remained silent...

"Qin Chu, don't you have to work today? How about you park up there? I can go back to the hospital myself, and you can go back to the company."

Qin Chu was still silent...

"Qin Chu…" Huo Mian still wanted to say something.

However, she saw Qin Chu turn his head. The look he gave her looked like he was going to eat her.

She swallowed the second half of her sentence and didn't dare to speak another word.

In the parking lot below their building, Qin Chu parked the car, looked straight ahead, and demanded in a cold voice, "Why is it that every time you get into trouble, I am never the first one you think of?"

Huo Mian was rendered speechless upon hearing his question.

"Am I that unimportant to you? No matter how much trouble you're in, you never tell me about it. Do my feelings matter that little to you?"

Qin Chu asked, his heart bleeding with every word.

Huo Mian was injured, Huo Mian was wronged, Huo Mian's video was exposed, and Huo Mian was taken to the police station.

She never mentioned anything to him, not even a single word.

Qin Chu suddenly felt like since they got married, everything was just his wishful thinking...

After listening to Qin Chu, Huo Mian's facial expression changed drastically...





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