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Season 2

Episode 96


"Okay." Huo Mian slowly stood up.

"Grandpa, I'm going to head out for a bit. It will be your nap time soon so don't forget to take your hypertension pills before going to sleep."

"I know, come back if you're free in the afternoon. Let's continue playing." The grandpa was acting like a kid full of anticipation.

Huo Mian smiled gently. "Sure."

As she stepped out, Huo Mian saw that the head nurse looked somewhat odd, "What's wrong, Head Nurse?"

"When Tingting went in to clean up Su's room, she heard those bodyguards say that Su Yu banned you from entering his room. There's still an injection tonight. If you don't go, I'm really worried that Tingting might mess up. Xiaomei has already made a mistake, and if we upset Su again, we might all be fired."

"Oh, that's what it's about." Huo Mian was extremely calm.

"How is this not a big issue? The fate of our careers depends on this. You don't know this, Huo Mian, but I began working here when I was 28, and I'm 34 now. I was only promoted to head nurse after six years of hard work. With all of my monthly benefits included, I only get about forty thousand or so. I still have to pay the mortgage for my home and car, and I have a baby to feed, I can't lose this job."

Song Lin was telling the truth, not complaining about how poor she was. This job was truly very important to her.

Even though she hadn't always been proper with what she wore, she had a decent reputation in the hospital.

She had never been involved with too many patient conflicts, and more importantly, she had been married for a while and even had a child.

Her husband was only an average employee, but they had to spend quite a lot of money on their sick, premature daughter.

It was hard for her to provide for her family, and Huo Mian had heard about this from a casual conversation with Tingting.

Therefore, there was no need to suspect the validity of the head nurse's words...

"Don't worry, Head Nurse, I won't let him fire us."

"But you're not allowed to go in, and Tingting and Nannan's techniques aren't good enough. I know them too well."

The head nurse had been here for four years and saw plenty of VIP patients. Most of the time, the nurses could get away with things like this just by being a little flirty, but Su Yu was extremely difficult to care for because he didn't care about anything.

"Then… I'll think of something, anyway, don't worry about this," Huo Mian was confident.

The head nurse was still worried, even if Huo Mian promised again and again that everything would be fine. She had been troubled and anxious all morning.

When the shifts changed at night, Tingting got off work, but before she did, she intentionally warned Huo Mian, "Don't mess up the injection tonight."

"I know." Huo Mian nodded.

At 6 PM, Huo Mian walked towards room 1 with the infusion set.

"Stop, you can't go in."

"Why not?" asked Huo Mian in response.

"Young Master Su said that you can't enter this room," the four bodyguards all said at the same time.

Huo Mian looked at their conservative faces and said, "It's fine if you don't let me in, but if your Young Master doesn't receive proper treatment, then his recovery time will be prolonged. By then, it will affect his condition, and if anyone asks, I'll say that you guys blocked me from entering to give him his injections."

"Then find someone else to do the injection. Mr. Su has given direct orders to ban you from entering," one of the bodyguards said stubbornly.

"If someone else could do it better, then why I would be here? Do you think that I wanted to come? Don't you know that he has a really bad temper? The other nurses were too scared to come; they were all scared of upsetting him, but I think that my skills are good enough. So, if you continue to stop me, then you'll have to take responsibility for whatever happens."

The four bodyguards looked at each other after Huo Mian said this, indecisive.

"Move aside, I have to go in now, I can't miss the injection time… unless you guys are willing to take responsibility for any consequences?" Before the bodyguards could say anything else, Huo Mian pushed through door and went in.

She brainwashed the bodyguards with only a few words; she was indeed intelligent.

Su Yu had a mini surveillance display inside and could see everything that happened outside.

He originally thought that Huo Mian would step away when she was refused entry, but to his surprise, she was able to confuse the bodyguards with no more than a few words.

When Huo Mian walked inside, Su Yu turned off the surveillance.

"Give me your hand, it's time for your injection." Huo Mian didn't want to waste another word with him.

Su Yu stared at Huo Mian. "You sure have a way with words, why didn't you become a sales instructor? Being a nurse is a waste of your talents."

"Can I take that as a compliment? Are you calling me a genius?" Huo Mian looked at him and asked in response.




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