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Season 2

Episode 71


"Mian, why are you here? I was just about to look for you," Huang Yue mysteriously said.

"This is serious, of course I had to come."

"It looks like you know already?"

Huo Mian nodded...

"What should we do now, I'm a little scared. I never thought that it would become so serious. It's all over my WeChat friend circle, and a lot of friends were asking me about it. Although they didn't mention my name, I am still worried."

After all, Huang Yue was still young, so when something like this happened, she began panicking.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Right now I need to find the head nurse."

"I'll go with you. Let's go in from the side, not the front."


After speaking, Huo Mian and Huang Yue prepared to go around to the back door. Just then, somebody yelled.

"Look, the nurse is there."

Suddenly, a swarm of people surrounded them. Most of them were with the patient, but some of them were reporters from small newspapers.

The regular media didn't dare to report the incident, but it was inevitable that some people would expose others for their own benefits.

"You are Huo Mian, right? As one of the parties involved, what do you have to say?"

"They're twisting the truth, the truth is not what they say it is. The pregnant woman did not experience any side effects. The family members are causing a scene because they want to extort a high settlement. They're purposefully defaming our hospital," Huo Mian calmly explained.

At that moment, the husband of the patient pointed at Huo Mian with a ferocious face and cursed, "Don't sling dirt at us, we didn't defame you! I am telling the truth. You are a black-hearted nurse who obviously doesn't have a doctor's certificate, but you still pretended to be a doctor and operated on my wife. Now, both my daughter and my wife are suffering from post-op complications. Not only did your hospital fail to provide a statement, you are also deliberately pushing away responsibility. The most infuriating thing is that yesterday, Urban Daily clearly promised to interview us and expose the hospital, but the hospital found someone to cover it up. This is too unjust, how do you expect citizens to live like this? Come on everyone, how is this fair?!"

The man's explanation sounded home-prepared, but spoken at that moment and paired with his livid emotions, many people believed him.

Huang Yue's face turned red from anger as she replied, "You liar, you're wrong. You tried blackmailing our hospital director for millions, and you slung dirt at him when he refused to pay you. You'll get karma for what you are doing."

"Then, Miss. Huo Mian, can you tell me if you're a nurse from this hospital?" A reporter stepped up, utilizing this opportunity to probe further.

"I am."

"You're a nurse in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, right?"

"Yes." Huo Mian nodded.

"Did you actually operate on that pregnant patient? There were no doctors present, correct?"

Huo Mian hesitated, knowing the reporter had asked a crucial question. Her answer would be considered an admission to everything.

At that point, she may push the issue past its breaking point. But, if she said no, she would be lying.

Huang Yue nervously squeezed Huo Mian as if she wanted her to correct herself and deny it. Since there were too many people there, it would cause problems in the future.

However, Huo Mian felt it was wrong to lie.

"Yes, that is correct."

After Huo Mian personally admitted to it, the crowd went wild...

Everyone began blaming her; they cursed, "You black-hearted nurse, how could you conduct an experiment on a pregnant woman and her child like this? Aren't you afraid of karma?"

Huang Yue was about to cry from the tension. She loudly explained, "Mian did it to save her, listen to me, the situation that night was extremely urgent…"

However, Huang Yue's voice was not loud enough, and it was soon covered by the voice of others. No one was listening to her explanation.

"Everyone look, this woman admitted it. This evil woman almost killed my wife, I'm not backing down today!" When he finished speaking, he charged and threw himself at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian dodged and the man fell short.

Huo Mian grabbed ahold of Huang Yue's shoulder and said, "You should go, I'll think of a way."

Then, she abruptly shoved Huang Yue, pushing her away from the clog of people...

At that moment, the pregnant patient's husband pushed through the crowd, and, while Huo Mian

wasn't paying attention, he shoved her onto the ground.





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