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Season 2

Episode 80

(The Hand Pulling the Strings)

After seeing the message left by the head nurse, she immediately turned on the TV in the living room and saw the live broadcast of the evening news.

The pregnant patient was being interviewed, and, on the other side of the TV, she apologized to Huo Mian in front of everyone.

She told the truth of that night and even showed the results of her exams, proving that she did not have any residual effects whatsoever. Everything they said to frame Huo Mian had been fabricated in an attempt to get money because she and her husband were greedy.

Everybody condemned her after she told the truth…

On C City's First Forum, the user account that continually voiced this issue and slandered Huo Mian and the First Hospital was deleted.

Many reporters got Huo Mian's cell-phone number out of nowhere, and they kept calling her, blowing up her phone.

Huo Mian saw two hundred missed calls and suddenly felt overwhelmed.

She laid on her bed, WeChatting with Zhu Lingling, Huang Yue, and the head nurse.

The whole thing was finally straightened out. She certainly knew it was because Qin Chu had his hands on the situation.

If it was not for Qin Chu, this issue would not have been resolved so fast.

It was already midnight when Qin Chu finished his meeting. After taking a shower, he walked out in his robe.

Huo Mian was already asleep, so he gently got into bed. tucked her in, then laid next to her.

He knew very well how powerful the news and media were. From now on, if anybody ever dared to use the media to bully his wife, he would make their lives miserable.

He looked at Huo Mian's sleeping face, pink cheeks, and slightly curled eyelashes. She was sleeping like a baby.

Qin Chu's heart melted. His eyes filled with endless and spoiling love for her.

He carefully left a kiss on Huo Mian's cheek like a dragonfly who lightly skipped on the water. Then he whispered in her ear, "Goodnight."

The next morning after breakfast, Qin Chu left for work and Huo Mian got ready to go to the hospital.

Her three-day vacation was pretty much over and the whole drama quieted down. It was time to go back to work.

Little did she know, the second she arrived at the First Hospital, the pregnant patient who had just given birth kneeled down and tightly latched onto Huo Mian's legs.

"What are you doing? Get up." Huo Mian was shocked.

"Huo Mian, I beg you. Please let us go. We are sorry, and we straightened things out with the press last night. Please ask them to let my husband go. My children and I can't live without him."

Then, the woman started bawling again…

"You still need to rest a month after giving birth and can't come outside. If you have anything to say, let's talk in private." Huo Mian extended her arms and tried to help her stand up.

However, the woman didn't want to get up, instead turning to the camera not far from her and saying, "If you don't promise me, I won't stop kneeling."

Then, she said to a seven or eight year old girl and an old lady holding a baby, "Come over here and get down on your knees. Ask her to save your dad."

Hearing her words, the old lady kneeled down with the baby in her arms. The little girl didn't seem to understand what was going on but also got down on her knees.

The whole family, both old and young, were all on their knees in front of the hospital. Huo Mian didn't know that they would go so far to put up a show.

"Stand up, I already forgave you. As for your husband, I will help get him out."

In front of the media, Huo Mian had no other choice but to go easy on them. If she once pitied this woman, she had now lost all sentiments towards her. She was a total manipulative b*tch. If she really wanted to apologize, she could just talk to Huo Mian in private. Why put on this big of a show? Who was it for? Even now, she was still trying to use the pressure of public attention to corner Huo Mian.

Huo Mian was really speechless…

"Really? Thank you. You are such a good person, Huo Mian."

"But you have to tell me. Who was behind all this?" Huo Mian calmly questioned her.




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