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Season 2

Episode 79


Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu went to negotiate with the patient's family for her, but she never expected things to progress so fast.

Before Qin Chu even got home, the pregnant woman called to beg for mercy.

After Huo Mian heard this, she didn't say anything, but the pregnant woman cried, "Everything was our fault, we were too greedy. We thought we could use this opportunity to get tons of money from the hospital. In the end, greed blinded our eyes, but we now know that we were truly wrong. Please give us another chance; my two kids need their father around. I'm terrified that I'll lose him. If he really ends up in jail, then everything will be ruined."

Huo Mian was slightly moved when she heard 'jail'; she didn't know what Qin Chu did.

However it must have been definitive, or else the pregnant woman wouldn't be crying like this.

"Let me think about it." Huo Mian was exhausted and frustrated by everything that happened over the last few days.

She didn't give the pregnant woman any promises, because she didn't know what Qin Chu did.

Therefore, she hung up the phone. Then, the pregnant woman sent over many texts, most of them were extremely polite and begged for mercy.

At this point, Huo Mian didn't seem to pity the woman anymore, as she only thought, why did they have to do what they did if they knew what they were doing was wrong?

If Qin Chu didn't help Huo Mian take care of things, then would they still let her off the hook?

If she forgave them, then who would prove her innocence?

Plus, this situation had been greatly magnified...

When Qin Chu came back, Huo Mian had already made dinner. There were meat and vegetable dishes, which smelled and tasted delicious.

Huo Mian's cooking always enticed Qin Chu's appetite. He ate two bowls of rice.

While they were eating, Huo Mian snuck peaks at Qin Chu.

"You've something to tell me?" asked Qin Chu.

"Ahem… You eat quite a lot but you're not fat at all. Do you have any secrets to maintaining your weight?"

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian hopelessly and said, "I'll give you another chance. If you don't get to the point, then I'll be in the study for a video conference in a bit."

He pushed back all the month-end meetings with the seven branch companies that was supposed to happen the other day because he was busy taking care of Huo Mian's thing.

A pile of work was pushed back and was waiting for him to take care of, so he didn't have any time to discuss the trick to maintaining his body shape with Huo Mian.

Huo Mian decided to be straightforward too, upon seeing how direct Qin Chu was.

"How did you deal with that family? His wife called me today and begged for mercy."

"He brought it onto himself," said Qin Chu coldly.

"I think so too, but I hear that the man might go to jail. He did push me that day, but the police already tested for wounds, and Gao Ran knows about this. There's nothing wrong with me, so why would that man go to jail? Did you sue him for blackmailing?" Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu's legal team was quite powerful, so they might have used this as an excuse.

"He won't be sued for blackmailing. Even if he were, it would only be a two or three-year sentence, what's the point of that?"

"Then he…?" Huo Mian wanted to say something but stopped.

"I've already taken care of this, there's no need for you to ask anymore. Anyways, remember to tell me when things like this happen in the future." Qin Chu didn't plan on telling Huo Mian too much and wasn't going to tell her about the hundred-million insurance fees.

He did all of this for her in secrecy…

Seeing that Qin Chu didn't want to tell her, Huo Mian stopped asking. She knew that Qin Chu had always had his own reasons behind his actions.

Before the video conference, Qin Chu made a phone call, and, an hour later, every major media outlet revealed the truth of the incident.

They all publicly denounced the pregnant woman and her husband as greedy pursuers of money and posed Huo Mian as the hero.

Even though she wasn't a doctor, she had high professional ethics. Within a single night, Huo Mian turned from criminal to celebrity.

In front of the television, the pregnant woman cried, "My whole family has wronged Huo Mian. We blackmailed her instead of thanking her, and now we've been punished by karma. We only hope that Huo Mian will be the bigger person in this and give us a chance to make things right."

Huo Mian had just taken a bath when she came out to see her phone exploding with messages.

She read the head nurse's message first, "Huo Mian, turn to the evening news channel."





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