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Season 2

Episode 77

(An Astronomically High Price)

"How dumb do you think I am?" Qin Chu's question made Huo Mian speechless.

She also knew that Qin Chu wasn't the 'stupid rich' type.

At this point, if reparations were paid, then it would be equivalent to admitting that she was guilty.

Plus, this family asked for several million right off the bat, which was completely unreasonable.

"What did Director Wu say?"

"He will take care of things at the hospital, you don't have to worry about him anymore."


"I've arranged for negotiations to begin at 6 PM, I'll drive you home to rest in a bit."

"I'll come with you."

"No, trust me on this," Qin Chu refused.

Huo Mian no longer insisted. Truth be told, she didn't know what else she could talk about with that group of people.

However, she had faith in Qin Chu, since he always had his own ways of dealing with things.

After eating, Huo Mian went back home, sent a WeChat message to Zhu Lingling, and then she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Qin Chu arrived at the arranged teahouse to meet with the patient's family.

The pregnant woman's husband clearly prepared for things, as he brought around seventeen to eighteen people along this time.

They filled up the private room as if he feared that Qin Chu would beat him up again.

On the other hand, Qin Chu only brought with him one other person, a forty-something-year-old man in a suit, with gold-rimmed glasses and a polite look. No one knew who he was.

"Don't waste time, tell me what you want," Qin Chu sat down, took off his jacket, and handed it to the man behind him.


"How much?" Qin Chu asked the pregnant woman's husband.

"Well, that little nurse has done quite a lot of damage to my wife and daughter, so there's psychological damage fees, medical fees, nutrition fees, survivor allowance, and so on. Naturally, you will have to give us a large sum."

"Bro, survivor allowance is for the family of the deceased, you've got it wrong."

"Not survivor allowance, I meant to say consolation fee. Anyways, pay up."

"How much do you want?" Qin Chu asked again as he suppressed his temper.

The man thought about it for a bit, raised his fingers and said, "Three million. This medical incident is worth at least three million. Plus, you hit me yesterday at the police station. I've already tested for wounds, and it turns out I'm suffering from a concussion. I don't think I can work for the rest of my life, so you must pay me the compensation all at once. With the two together, you can give me five million. I'm a pretty easy-going guy, I won't ask you for more."

Qin Chu looked at him without any emotions as the man spoke. Then, Qin Chu coldly replied, "You sure have the guts to ask for an amount like this."

"It's a reasonable amount, and I've also consulted a lawyer about this, so you can't fool me. The hospital said that you'll deal with this completely. I originally wanted the hospital to pay two million, and you one million, but since you're the one causing trouble, then it'll be you who has to pay up."

"Fine, it's only five million, I agree." Qin Chu nodded.

The man was overwhelmed with joy when he heard this. After he was beaten up by Qin Chu yesterday, he was somewhat afraid of him.

He thought that the negotiations wouldn't go well today; even if Qin Chu didn't agree to his insanely high asking price, he would slowly decrease the number and would accept down to one million.

However, to his surprise, not only did Qin Chu not haggle, he agreed so easily.

"Then fine, we'll take care of this privately, and I won't cause any more trouble at the hospital. Will you pay in cash, or transfer the funds to my account?" The man was eager.

Qin Chu slowly said, "There's no rush, we took care of your business, but we haven't even dealt with you hurting my wife yet."

"Oh that, then fine, how about this, I'll give you ten thousand yuan as compensation for the nurse, what do you think?" The man seemed to think that he was being quite generous, as he offered ten thousand yuan to compensate Huo Mian for the wound on her head.

Qin Chu didn't speak. Instead, he signaled to the man in the suit behind him, "Mr. Song, you can take care of the rest."





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