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Season 2

Episode 72


Gasps and screams rippled through the crowd and Huo Mian felt something hit her head that left her in pain.

Hospital security rushed out and began brawling with the patient's family.

The patient's family seemed to be emotionally agitated and only wanted to beat Huo Mian up.

The sudden riot deprived all order of the situation. As a medical professional, Huo Mian knew full well how to protect herself.

She curled up by the side and successfully avoided the main area of conflict.

The chaotic situation lasted for about three minutes until the sound of police sirens arrived.

The crowd slowly dispersed; the reporters escaped, and the spectators left.

Three police cars stopped at the front gate of the First Hospital. As soon as they received an emergency call, Gao Ran arrived with backup.

He never thought that Huo Mian was one of the parties involved in this chaotic situation.

Gao Ran extended his hand to help Huo Mian up… but Huo Mian ignored it and got up herself.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, thanks."

However, Gao Ran wasn't convinced, so he asked two female officers to escort Huo Mian to the hospital's emergency room.

Gao Ran was assured after a detailed checkup confirmed that Huo Mian's head was only bruised and nothing else was wrong.

Then, Gao Ran brought both the family that caused the disturbance and Huo Mian back to the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Soon after, a HD video of what happened in front of the hospital was leaked.

It began trending in the WeChat friend circle, titled "The black-hearted nurse personally admitted to her sins, and the black-hearted hospital didn't want to be responsible for the life of a human being, so they ordered security to beat others up."

It was clear that the post, pointing out the actions of the hospital and Huo Mian herself, was still in favor of the patient.

- Inside a high-class club -

A group of wealthy people were playing golf, and, during their break, they took out their phones and browsed their friend circle, relishing over the incident.

"This nurse is interesting, admitting to what she did on the spot. Of course the patient's family defaced her."

"Yeah, I think the nurse is an idiot, haha. She probably lacks wits. If it were me, I would rather die than admit to it."

"Young Master Su, what do you think?" Some second-generation heirs looked at the young man in a luxury white sports suit with admiration.

He was gracefully drinking water while two tall stunning women massaged his back.

On the middle finger of his right hand was a limited edition Cartier ring. His eyes weren't big but rather long, narrow, and also sharp.

His appearance lacked the overbearing regal aura that Qin Chu had, but his beauty was of a feminine devilish kind. In short, on one's first glance they may not find him very attractive, but on the second and third, his beauty would begin to capture their hearts and souls.

There once was a famous saying that circulated through the upper-class: 'even the most beautiful woman cannot resist Young Master Su's affectionate gaze'.

It had been rumored that when he looked at people seriously, his gaze was extremely alluring. It was like a trap, difficult to extricate oneself from.

He was the most distinguished of the four princes, even Huo Siqian had to treat him respectfully. He was the first prince of C City, Su Yu.

Upon hearing the question, Su Yu put down his water and clicked open the link in his friend circle. With only one glance at the video, he said, "It's clear that the family members are causing trouble. As for the nurse, she was probably more wronged than Joan of Arc."

"Huh? Really? Isn't that nurse a bad person? She's an evil woman who operated on a pregnant woman without authorization." A couple of second-generation heirs did not understand Young Master Su's viewpoint.

Su Yu sneered, "A lot of things are not what they seem. From now on, use your brains when analyzing things."

Then, Su Yu rose up and walked towards the golf course...

When Qin Chu got Gao Ran's call, he was in a conference call with the administrators of GK's seven branch companies.

He subconsciously hung up when he saw that it Gao Ran calling.

Gao Ran sent a text message over, and as Qin Chu looked at it, his facial expression changed.

"Chu, your wife got injured during a dispute with others. She's at the bureau right now, do you want to come and bail her out?"




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