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Season 2

Episode 78

(Beg for Mercy)

"Got it, sir."

The man behind Qin Chu nodded as he took out a heavy set of documents from his briefcase and placed it on the table, "Ms. Huo Mian, my client's wife, was pushed by you at the hospital entrance and suffered an injury on her head."

"It was only a light wound, so don't try to extort me. She even checked it at the hospital and found that there's nothing wrong. Even the police know that," the man explained in a hurry.

Mr. Song continued, "Let me finish first. The police indeed isn't pursuing this anymore, but my client purchased a major personal insurance on Huo Mian a month ago, and it was an insurance based on different body parts. Huo Mian's head insurance was fifty million, which means that once Huo Mian is wounded, no matter if the injury was inflicted by human or by nature, the insurance company would still compensate for it."

"Then go ask the insurance company for it." The man grew unsettled.

"If it was caused by nature, the insurance company would naturally compensate for it. But this time, it was caused by you, so the insurance company will sue you, which means that if you don't pay the fifty million in damages, the insurance company can sue you for deliberate injury. You'll face a minimum sentence of five to ten years in prison."

"What? Are you kidding me?" The man was completely dumbfounded.

"Sorry, I never 'kid'." Mr. Song was the first counsel of GK Corporation's legal team, and, of course, was a man of his words.

"It's only a bump on her head. Is there a need to pay that much? What are you guys talking about? You might as well go rob a bank. Plus, I don't believe that anyone would place such a heavy insurance on a woman's head, it's not scientific."

It seemed like this pregnant woman's husband wasn't a hooligan. At least he could tell what was scientific and what wasn't.

Just then, Mr. Song very seriously took out a page from his stack of documents, passed it over to the man, and said, "If you read this page closely, my client's wife, Huo Mian, was tested when she was eight years old. She is a genius with an IQ of 130. All of her future aspirations depends on her brain, so naturally her head must be well protected."

"Do you think that I'd believe it? If she's a genius, or whatever, why would she still be a little nurse?" The man clearly doubtful.

Qin Chu picked up his jacket, brushed off the dust, and calmly said, "You should be thankful that she was a nurse, or else she wouldn't have saved your wife and daughter that night. Instead, you paid back her kindness with greed, so you better be prepared for what's about to happen today. Okay, I'm a busy person, so we'll end things here today. The insurance company and my legal team will contact you for subsequent procedures. You should head home and think about whether you want to pay up or end up in jail."

After he spoke, Qin Chu turned around and left, as Mr. Song gathered the documents and followed behind Qin Chu into his luxurious Maybach.

"Bro, that kid's car seems pretty luxurious... Did we piss off the wrong person this time?" the man's brother asked carefully.

The man raised his neck, and after he saw the car's symbol, he shouted, "What luxurious car? That's only an 'M' symbol, it's clearly a Volkswagen Magotan! It's only worth a couple hundred thousand, you call that luxurious? Who does he think he's tricking? I won't believe a word he said, let's go."

The man ignored what Qin Chu said until he received a court order later that night.

Turns out, the insurance company had already investigated the man and didn't think that his family would be able to afford the fifty million compensation fee.

So there was no need for negotiations, and they directly summoned the man to court.

Meanwhile, the court, afraid that the man would escape on account of the large amount, ordered policemen to his home to place him into temporary custody that night. This immediately shocked all of the previously pregnant woman's family members.

At night, when Qin Chu went out to meet with clients, he received a call from the insurance company.

They were very polite, and they said the fifty million had already been transferred to his personal account.

If you thought that Qin Chu earned plenty this time, then you're more than wrong.

That was because beginning last month, Qin Chu had to pay the insurance company a million in insurance fees each month.

The insurance wasn't just for Huo Mian's head; her hands and legs had been insured heavily as well.

A million a month, until Huo Mian turns sixty…

The rich could indeed be capricious. However, Qin Chu didn't insure Huo Mian so that he would receive compensation.

It was because more than anything, Qin Chu wanted to ensure that whoever harmed Huo Mian had to either pay out a large sum or, if they couldn't afford it, be sued by the insurance company.

By then, the perpetrator would face jail, which was his ultimate goal.

Huo Mian didn't know any of this. She was at home, eating chips and watching cartoons.

Just then, Huo Mian received a call from the pregnant woman. The woman cried, "Huo Mian, I'm sorry! We're sorry! Please, let my husband go."





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