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Season 2

Episode 91


When Huo Mian arrived at the hospital, Xiaomei was nowhere to be found. Only the head nurse, Tingting and Nannan were there.

"What happened? Where's Xiaomei? Isn't she working the night shift?"

"She's injured."

"What?" Huo Mian was surprised at what Tingting said.

After a moment of hesitation, the head nurse said, "Here's what happened. The patient in room 1 is a little hot-tempered. When Xiaomei went to draw his blood, she might've been too nervous and quivered a bit, causing the needle to move. The patient was furious and slammed a vase on Xiaomei's head. She was sent to the First Hospital's emergency room."

"It was awful, I heard that she had to get seven stitches on her head. I wonder if it'll ruin her looks." Nannan displayed classic schadenfreude.

Tingting's lips curled, and she said in a weird tone, "I told you the patient in room 1 wasn't easy to deal with, but you guys still fought over him. See what happened? Xiaomei's techniques weren't so good to begin with, and I can't believe she tried to draw Young Master Su's blood. She was asking for it."

"But it's fine, Young Master Su is generous. As soon as the incident happened, his assistant arrived. Apparently, they're going to compensate her by the number of stitches she gets. 200,000 yuan per stitch," the head nurse said calmly.

Nannan and Tingting were both jealous, "She's lucky to be able to earn 1.4 million in one night. That's enough for a Porsche. I guess Xiaomei can finally abandon that ugly BMW X1 of hers."

"Wait, so you guys asked me to come because…?" Huo Mian was already done with her shift; she didn't come all the way to the hospital at night to listen to them boast about money. She just wanted to know how she could help.

The head nurse glanced at her. "The patient in room 1 is Su Yu, you've heard of him, right?"

Huo Mian shook her head…

Then, the other three nurses looked at her like she was a cavewoman.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, was calm. There were a lot of important figures in the city that she didn't know. Why should she?

"What's wrong with you? How have you not heard of Young Master Su, the son of the Su family, one of the four princes of C City? Were you from the countryside?" Tingting was at a loss for words.

"Yeah, Su Yu is the most famous of the four princes. Huo Siqian is second. I can't believe you don't know him, where are you from?" Nannan looked at her mockingly.

Huo Mian wanted to say that she had no interest of getting to know that asshat Huo Siqian either, but she didn't want to bring that up.

She also didn't want the others to know her relationship with the Huo family.

"So… So what if Su Yu's staying in room 1?" Huo Mian asked.

"Young Master Su is hot-tempered. He tore his ACL when he was racing. It's not a big deal, but the Su Family is taking precaution, and they brought him in last night for recovery. We're administering the most high-quality medicine, and his meals are flown over from Australia. No one can make any mistakes when taking care of him. They're still young, and their techniques are lacking. You've a lot of clinical experience back at the First Hospital, and since you were able to perform a C-section on that pregnant patient, drawing blood and administering an IV should be a piece of cake for you. That's why we've decided that you should be the one to take care of all things involving a needle."

Huo Mian understood what the head nurse was saying; they wanted her to do everything the others were afraid to do.

In other words, they wanted her to treat the hardest-to-treat patient. Xiaomei's head was smashed in by a vase, and she had to get seven stitches because she screwed up when drawing Young Master Su's blood.

The other nurses were too scared to go back in, so they thought of Huo Mian, the new girl.

Hearing no response from Huo Mian, the head nurse continued, "You won't be doing it for free. I'll ask the executives to give you an additional 200 yuan per day."

"Yeah, Huo Mian, please help us, or else our department will be annihilated by Young Master Su."

Huo Mian suddenly understood; aside from their youth and good looks, the other three nurses in her department were super inexperienced, even lacking the skill and courage to draw blood.

"Fine, I'll do it."

"Yay!" The other two nurses let out a sigh of relief when they heard this.

"Huo Mian, here's the IV. You can go administer it to Young Master Su." Tingting immediately took out a tray with an infusion set on it.

Huo Mian changed into her white robe and took the tray. Then, she walked towards room 1.

"Head Nurse, do you think she'll be alright?" worried, one of the nurses asked.

"Who knows, it all depends on her luck. Even if she gets beaten up, it won't be for nothing. Young Master Su is super rich." The head nurse smiled.





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