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Season 2

Episode 100


"Wait, boss, you don't know Luo Feifei? You know that fantasy drama that's been on lately, The Investiture of the Gods? She plays the female lead, Su Daji."

"I don't know, I've never watched it."

Okay fine, you win , Yang thought. Although the president never watched dramas, Luo Feifei was on the news every day, and her advertisements were pasted on every street and alley. It was difficult not to know her name, and that was why he thought his boss was an alien sometimes. He clearly wasn't from Earth.

On the other side, Luo Feifei was preparing for a press conference.

The rumors had increased her popularity, and there were a lot of reporters outside, waiting to interview her.

Her female agent carefully asked, "Feifei, was today's headline our company's attempt to increase popularity?"

"Of course not."

"Oh? I thought that our team planned it. It's great news, immediately pushing you to the hot topics list on Weibo 1 . You can use this opportunity to promote the movie that you're starring in that's scheduled for release next month."

Luo Feifei looked at herself in the compact mirror and smiled.

This rumor was one that she had never thought of, the meal at the Pullman was something she had gotten her assistant to reserve a month in advance.

She never thought that GK's prince would be there too, and she really regretted not recognizing him at the restaurant.

It would've been a great opportunity to suck up to him, but surprisingly, the media's irritating assumptions was a great help to her this time.

Maybe she could take this opportunity and actually begin dating GK's prince. After all, marrying into a rich family was every female celebrity's dream.

In front of the camera, Luo Feifei smiled sweetly, passionately answering the reporters' questions.

Finally, a reporter asked, "Miss Luo Feifei, can you tell us about your meal with GK's prince last night? Are you guys announcing your relationship?"

Luo Feifei pretended to be a little shy as she said, "About that, I'm not able to divulge any information right now, but if there's any good news, I'll be sure to share it with everyone."

Luo Feifei's answer was so vague that it drew more attention to the subject.

Another reporter then asked, "Word is that you're the new spokesperson for GK's OWQ female shoe brand. Did you get this opportunity because you're dating the prince, or did you only start dating after landing this role?"

"Sorry, can everyone please ask questions about next month's movie only? Thank you." Her agent appeared at that moment to fend off the question.

Luo Feifei did what she did so she could prolong the spotlight that had been casted on her, taking this opportunity to increase her popularity.

She believed herself to be young and beautiful, so even if GK's president saw the report, he wouldn't blame her.

Maybe he would even invite her out to eat. Anyways, Luo Feifei began fantasizing about everything.

After the interview was broadcasted, it gathered over 10 million hits, as a lot of people became interested in GK's mysterious prince.

As a result of his rumored relationship with Luo Feifei, everyone's curiosity towards Qin Chu grew.

GK's stocks also skyrocketed that day…

After Mrs. Qin saw the news, she couldn't sit still any longer and immediately phoned her son.

But she couldn't get through, as Qin Chu put his phone on automatic voicemail since too many people were bothering him.

Even Gao Ran sent a WeChat message to Qin Chu, "Bro, what's going on? Aren't you afraid that Huo Mian will make you kneel on a durian when you get home?"

In reality, Huo Mian had already heard about it, but she was aware of the truth, and thus didn't care.

- GK Design Department -

Jiang Linyue's face dropped after watching the report.

"Director, say, do you think our president is really dating Luo Feifei?"

"Do you think that trash like Luo Feifei can match up to our president? What a joke. Let me tell you, no woman in the entertainment industryis clean. Our president would probably find her dirty since he's germaphobic." Because Jiang Linyue idolized Qin Chu, she was well informed of all his habits. She had managed her loneliness for all these years and maintained her virginity, all so that Qin Chu would take notice of her.

- The President's Office -

"Sir, this is getting out of hand! Should we get the PR Department to make a statement?" Yang carefully asked.




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