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Season 2

Episode 69


"Go on, unless you want to work overtime?" Qin Chu asked with an icy expression.

"No, I don't."

Assistant Yang suspected that he ran into lady luck today… So lucky that his boss was driving him to the movies.

But here's the problem – if he got onto the president's Maybach, then what's he supposed to do about his Volkswagen CC?

It's fine to leave his car in the company parking lot, but what about tomorrow morning? Was he supposed to take the bus to work?

That's not the problem here. The problem was that, for some reason, he had the honor of being driven by his boss, the president of GK.

Of course, what he didn't know was that Qin Chu was only driving him because his wife was at her mother's, and he was extremely bored.

Plus, driving his assistant meant that he'll be able to see a movie as well.

Once they arrived at the movie theatre, Yang's wife's face lit up with surprise when she saw another man with her husband.

She quietly asked her husband, "Who is this?"

"My boss."

"Pre… President Qin?" Yang's wife was shocked as well.

He nodded his head…

"President Qin, ha, we're here. You should go home, we're heading in now," Yang beat around the bushes when they arrived outside the theatre.

"I want to watch it too, get me a ticket." Then, Qin Chu grabbed a few hundred yuan from his wallet and handed it to Yang.

"Um… It doesn't cost this much." Yang was almost sure that his boss had never been to the movies before; why else would a person be unaware of movie ticket prices?

However, Yang soon came back with his head down.

The reason? Tickets for that movie had sold out; it was full.

"President Qin, ha, why don't you watch something else? Captain America is showing in the other auditorium later, and it's really good."

"What movie are you guys watching?"

"Finding Mr. Right 2. My wife likes romance, and I didn't have a choice. And I also enjoy breathing without the aid of a tube." Yang looked at him helplessly.

"Then I want to watch this too," Qin Chu said stubbornly.

This made Yang's life difficult; there were only two tickets for this movie, and President Qin was set on watching it, so one of the tickets had to go to him.

However, Yang couldn't let his wife go watch the movie with his own boss. He knew that President Qin wasn't going to hit on his wife, but the point was, his wife might be tempted to hit on President Qin.

Finally, Yang bit on his tongue and came to a compromise with his wife.

He and his boss would go and watch Finding Mr. Right 2, while his wife was to suck it up and watch Captain America with tears in her eyes.

She was a head-to-toe Chinese housewife who had no interest in American superhero films, but there was nothing more she could do.

Neither of them was brave enough to piss President Qin off.

After the movie, Qin Chu was so happy that he offered to drive the couple home.

In addition, he gave a greeting present to Yang's newborn.

It was a red packet containing ten thousand yuan.

Yang's wife was elated at the sight of the red packet and completely forgot about the movie ticket fiasco just now.

She kept exclaiming, "Your boss is really nice, he's so generous."

Yang rolled his eyes at his wife and said, "Weren't you the one who called him a third wheel behind his back just now and was pissed off at him for stealing your movie ticket? I can't believe you've changed your stance already. Women never say what they mean."

"Of course, a movie ticket isn't worth much," Yang's wife replied happily.

On his way home, Qin Chu was in a good mood too.

This was the first rom-com he watched, although to be honest, it was a little awkward that it was another man that accompanied him throughout the movie.

However, he liked the contents of the movie. Therefore, as soon as he drove home, he searched up Finding Mr. Right 1 on his computer and watched that.

He enjoyed that one as well. Suddenly, he wondered if he should take Huo Mian to watch Finding Mr. Right 2 again tomorrow once she was back.

As he was thinking, a local news alert popped onto his computer screen, grabbing his attention.

"Breaking news. The First Hospital has involved itself in a doctor-patient scandal. According to our sources, a pregnant patient was sent to the emergency room in the middle of the night, but the on-call doctor wasn't there. As an experiment, a nurse performed surgery on that patient, who afterward experienced postoperative complications. The pregnant patient and her newborn are now suffering from severe side effects, and the hospital ignored her family's complaints. The hospital protected the nurse and tried to shut the entire thing down, so the patient had no choice but to sue the hospital. The patient's family was extremely emotional and caused a scene at the First Hospital today. The hospital sent security to control the scene, but chaos erupted instead, and, as a result, many patients were unable to see doctors. The nurse-in-question did not show herself, and the director, Wu Zhongxing, has yet to comment on the situation. According to speculation, this is the first time in 15 years that the hospital was burdened with a scandal. Everyone's attention is on this incident; stay tuned, we will shortly provide a follow-up report."

Qin Chu frowned as he shut off his computer. Huo Mian was in trouble…

As soon as news outlets exposed something like this, more often than not, the situation would become uncontrollable and unpredictable.

He immediately picked up his phone and dialed a number, "Stop the media from reporting about the incident at the First Hospital in 30 minutes. Don't even let one station follow-up on it."

Huo Mian, on the other hand, was sound asleep, completely unaware that her world was about to flip upside down.





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