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Season 2

Episode 92

(Young Master Su)

Huo Mian didn't know who Su Yu was, so naturally, she wasn't stressed out, unlike the other terrified nurses.

Tingting already encountered the terrors of Young Master Su before noon, as he cursed at her during rounds, forcing her to run away in tears.

Of course, they all had their own little plots. They thought that Young Master Su would have pity on them because of their beauty. If they were lucky enough to receive his attention, they'll never have to be a nurse again.

Rumour has it that Su's Imperial Star Entertainment could easily lift a woman up to stardom.

Su Yu's company was home to many of the current hottest domestic celebrities. How? He tossed money at them to make them famous.

Su Yu had way too much money, so he could make anyone famous, as long as he was willing to promote them…

Forget those nurses, wherever Su Yu went, there were tons of women who wanted to pile up all over him.

He was different from Qin Chu. Qin Chu was humble, and even though everyone knew that he was the heir to GK, hardly anyone had seen this said heir.

However, Su Yu was the complete opposite. He was extravagant, loud, ill-tempered, and went through women faster than he changed out of shirts.

He wasn't just the president of an entertainment company, the Su family basically controlled the country's economy, as Su Financial Banks could be found all over the country.

His father had been ranked amongst the Forbes top five richest people in China for five consecutive years now.

When Huo Mian arrived at the door, Su Yu was on his phone.

He has been racing and playing around with car modifications since he was twelve or thirteen, and nothing had ever happened to him.

However, perhaps he was just having a bad day, so when he was racing in the mountain range, his car crashed into another, and he tore his anterior cruciate ligament. Now, he was forced to recover at South Side for a while.

Here, everyone had a different spending allowance and were arranged according to their own financial conditions.

Su Yu stayed in room one, a suite that was a hundred or so square meters in size, with a full set of appliances and furniture. Even the bed had a multi-purpose mechanical control.

He also enjoyed private Wi-Fi and had seafood flown in from Australia. His hospital bills were eight or nine hundred thousand per day, which was basically like burning money.

Four bodyguards in suits stood outside the room, and, like mummies, they didn't move at all.

Eight hours later, another group of four would take over…

Those who worked here would know that a wealthy man lived inside, while those who didn't would think that a country's leader lived inside, because it was simply too much.

This was the most high-profile man she had ever seen in her life…

She also had to go through security scanning before she stepped inside, as if she could very well be an assassin.

"You can go in."

Just as Huo Mian entered, a strange flying object flew towards her.

She responded quickly, and, with a tilt of her head, she dodged it.

The thing that dropped to the floor was a space grey iPhone 6S.

"Get lost," Su Yu was very upset, and, after cursing at his assistant on the phone, he shouted at whoever had entered the room without even turning around to look.

Huo Mian ignored him. She walked up, connected the tube, and then hung the infusion bag up.

"I told you to get lost, didn't you hear me?"

"If all of the patients told us to leave, then who will take care of you? If you could take care of yourself, then why would you still be here? You might as well stay at a five-star hotel," Huo Mian said angrily.

Su Yu slightly frowned; this was the first time anyone spoke to him with this attitude.

He wanted to see what kind of nurse had guts as fat as hers. Did she not want to live anymore? Or was it some ploy to get to him?

He froze when he turned around to see Huo Mian's face. He had seen her before.

He had seen her in his WeChat friend circle and on TV, since she was the one involved in the incident a while back.

"Aren't you that nurse who performed a C-section on that pregnant woman?" asked Su Yu as he stared at Huo Mian.

"That's right."

"Why are you here?" Su Yu was very surprised.

Huo Mian didn't respond. Instead, she grabbed his left hand and stabbed inside with a 'swoosh' sound while he was still dazed.

Just as Su Yu felt a slight pain, she had already finished the injection.

"Who told you to poke me with a needle?" Su Yu was infuriated.

"Don't move around, it will be bad if the needle moves," warned Huo Mian.

"Take it off, I don't want any needles," annoyed, Su Yu raised his hand to take out the needle.

Then, Huo Mian crossed both of her arms, looked at him, and said, "If you're not afraid of me piercing you again, then go ahead and take it out. I'm not the one who has to get stabbed again." 

Su Yu immediately stopped. He raised his head, and looked at Huo Mian with a pissed-off face, "Do you know who you're talking to?"




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