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Season 2

Episode 97


"I wouldn't go as far as saying that you're a genius, it is more like my bodyguards are as dumb as pigs."

Huo Mian broke out in laughter, and Su Yu looked at the cute dimples that appeared on her smiling face.

She wasn't like those other women out there; their smiles were so fake, either covering their mouth with their hands to seem ladylike or smiling softly as if they were being photographed. It was very difficult to find someone like her who had such a natural and beautiful smile.

Huo Mian didn't say anything else. She hung up the IV drip and prepared to insert the needle.

"Just saying… I didn't spend so much money here to endure all this agony. Can't you just use a retention needle? I don't like that you're poking me every day. Are you trying to make me die from the pain?" Su Yu reprimanded with a cold face.

Huo Mian lifted her head to look at him, saying seriously, "People like you who lack common sense are the scariest. Retention needles are convenient, preventing the need to repeatedly insert needles, but because of how long they are left inside, it's very easy to breed bacterial infections, which can cause significant damage to the blood vessels. Under normal circumstances, unless the patient is a wildly moving infant where there's a risk of swelling, we wouldn't recommend using it."

"You seem quite professional," Su Yu muttered to himself.

"Of course. If I wasn't, would I be sent to give you IVs? Do you think this is a great thing? Do you think I want to do this crap?" As she was talking, Huo Mian had already inserted the needle.

She finished her job whenever Su Yu wasn't paying attention. In reality, it didn't hurt that much, it was just like being bitten by a mosquito.

This Young Master Su was just too dainty, and because he wasn't allowed to go out and have fun, he spent every day in the clinic b*tching about every little thing.

"From what I heard, it seems like you don't want to take care of me?"

"Of course I don't," Huo Mian raised her head and responded as she watched the movement of the IV fluid.

"Well, did you know that by taking care of me, you earn an additional 2000 yuan every day?" Su Yu asked.

Huo Mian froze and shook her head. "Now, that I didn't know."

Now she finally understood why at first everyone fought to come to room 1. Not only could they be close to Mr. Su, they could also earn extra pay every day. It was definitely a good deal.

"How about now? Do you still not want to be here?"

"Don't want to be here."

Su Yu thought that Huo Mian would beg to take care of him.

"Why not?"

"Because taking care of you is so boring, even the old man next door is better. At least I can have tea and play chess with him. Okay, there's nothing else wrong with you, another nurse will come to remove the needle later. Try not to fall asleep during this time, and watch over your IV."

Finishing her spiel, Huo Mian put both her hands in the pockets of her white uniform, and sauntered out.

Su Yu was left behind feeling conflicted. How could there be such an annoying woman in this world? She's so unappreciative.

How dare she say that taking care of him was less appealing than the old man next door?

Tomorrow, he had to find out who the old man next door was, and get rid of him as soon as possible.

Because Huo Mian's shifts for the week were all during the day, she was able to go home early.

Mei was hospitalized due to the accident, so all her shifts were being temporarily covered by the head nurse herself.

As Huo Mian was leaving work, she bumped into the night shift nurse, Nannan.

She drove a white BMW X3, a pretty cool car for a girl.

She glanced at Huo Mian's car and smiled, "This car isn't really that cheap too, why didn't you buy a brand name instead? Not many people will cast a second look at a Volkswagen."

"Ah, this is my family's, I didn't buy it," Huo Mian explained.

Nannan didn't say any more. She slowly parked her car and headed towards the entrance.

Due to rush hour traffic, it was 6:30 PM by the time Huo Mian got home.

Qin Chu hadn't returned yet, so the house appeared lonely. She opened the fridge and sadly found that other than some bread and milk, there was nothing she could use to cook with.

As she was preparing to go to the supermarket, she received a call from Qin Chu.

"Change into something more formal, I'll be home to pick you up in 10 minutes."

Not waiting for Huo Mian's reply, he hung up.

Change into formal wear? Huo Mian suddenly thought, was there a special occasion?





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