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Season 2

Episode 89


"I have to meet a client down by South Ring Road."

"Oh, I see." Huo Mian hung up and turned her attention back to driving.

Qin Chu didn't leave until he saw she saw her safely drive into South Side Recuperation Center.

He wasn't actually meeting a client. It was Huo Mian's first-day driving, and he was worried. That was all.

Huo Mian was originally worried that she might become the center of gossip for driving a car to work since she was only a nurse. However, her perception changed as soon as she arrived at South Side.

The other nurses were all driving luxury cars – BMWs, Land Rovers, Mercedes-Benz GLKs… Her Volkswagen was shabby compared with the other cars.

Why were the nurses so rich? The answer was obvious – most of the nurses here were young and pretty.

While they took care of the patients, most nurses became mistresses or side pieces. Some even provide 'special services' inside the hospital.

Director Wu couldn't control it, because everyone staying at South Side had hefty backgrounds. If nurses were willing to sell themselves, then the rich men were willing to buy.

It's already become a sophisticated industrial chain…

There were also nurses who were just nurses; those people perform menial labor for not much money in return.

Huo Mian was one of these nurses. After she went upstairs, she immediately reported to the head nurse.

The head nurse of South Side Recuperation Center was a thirty-or-so woman. She was young and beautiful, and, from what Huo Mian saw, her breasts were at least 36D in size.

She had a gentle voice and a pretty name – Song Lin.

She said, "Huo Mian, I've heard about you and saw you on the news before. You saved the pregnant woman and her baby. Good for you!"

"Thank you, Head Nurse."

"Do a good job here. Just remember that we'd rather set ourselves on fire than anger the patients here. If you keep that in mind, your salary will be high."

Huo Mian didn't completely understand what the head nurse meant by that…

"Head Nurse, may I ask which department I've been assigned to?" Huo Mian was eager to start work.

"Orthopedics needs a hand, so you can go assist them for now."

"Okay, I'll head over now."


"Is there anything else, Head Nurse?"

"A VIP patient was admitted into the Orthopedics Department yesterday. Remember to take good care of him during your shifts; you're not allowed to make any mistakes. If you piss the patient off, neither I nor Director Wu will be able to save you."

"I understand and will try my best."

As for patients, Huo Mian always thought that she could handle anyone, as long as patients weren't purposely looking for trouble.

She understood that most patients were anxious. That was understandable because they weren't feeling well.

Therefore, Huo Mian had a lot of patiences, and she always did everything to accommodate the pregnant patients back when she worked in the OB/GYN Department.

Orthopedic patients would be easier to deal with, right?

There was a total of 10 rooms in the VIP Ortho wing, but only two patients.

Including Huo Mian, there were four nurses in total – two for day shifts, two for night shifts.

Huo Mian was working the day shift today; the other nurse was a cute girl with an adorable voice that could charm anyone.

She sounded like a little girl. Huo Mian thought she was only 18 or 19 years old, but later found out that she was already 25, even a year older than Huo Mian.

"Hi, my name is Wang Tingting." The nurse who sounded like a little girl smiled.

"Hi, Tingting, my name is Huo Mian."

"I know you, you're famous. I saw you on TV a while back."

Huo Mian smiled awkwardly at this; being on TV for that incident wasn't anything glorious.

Because of it, her mother called her and demanded her to quit, while Zhixin kept sending her WeChat messages asking if she was okay.

Thank god it was all resolved, or else her entire family would have worried themselves to death…

"Did the head nurse tell you that a new VIP patient was admitted into our department yesterday?"





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