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🎀{ Miss arrogant} 🎀


🌹 Raye Montez 🌹


This is it. This is the big day have been waiting for all my life.

Today am gonna be declared the wife of kayden Strucker.

I slipped my foot into my glass shoes that we glittering like diamonds.

My hair and makeup had been done. I just needed  seconds alone in my room.

I wanna go through my old memories on last time before heading to the church.

" Raye baby ain't you ready yet? We're running late. " Mom announced.

" Coming mom. " I yelled back.

I grabbed my phone before walking outta the room..

Mom and Kimberly were outside my door waiting for me.

" Come on sissy the car is here already." Kimberly said as she held my gown from behind and led me to car
Together the driver drove away.

My dress glow so Pretty like diamonds.

" This is it sweetie I hope you're ready for this new life.'mom Asked.

" I know mom. Am really gonna miss you even though I haven't gone yet. " I said sadly.

" Awww come over here. " She pulled me into a hug.

The car came to halt infront of the church and I was led outtA the car by Kimberly.

He held my dress and we got into the church today.

I could see kayden standing beside the pastor.

I exhaled Sharply before walking towards him with my head up high.



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