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💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 56

🌹 Raye Montez 🌹

I woke up feeling pain all over but there was no Drake.

Where could he had gone to!

I dialed his line but he wasn't picking up.

Managed to get outta bed and headed towards the bathroom.

I took a shower and got clad in one of his shirt.

I know he's gonna call me whenever he sees it.

My meal was by the bedside drawer.

I went over and took the glass of water and gulp down everything.

I kept the glass before sliding into bed again.

I laid down on the bed as I turn on the TV.  It was kinda interesting tho but Kay should be back by now.

I shrugged and kept watching tv and eating my meal too.

Just then my cellphone phone rang.

Oh it's Kay. I quickly picked up and placed it on my ear.

📞 Hey babe where have you been?", I asked immediately I picked up.

📞R...r.raye please help me and trapped." He said I could feel from his voice that he's in trouble.

📞Calm down Kayden and tell me where you're be right there in a few."I said as I slide outta bed.

📞I don't know but I think it's an amusement park.", He said.

There's only one amusement park around the rest are not parks.

I changed into a dress and ran out like a crazy person.


My car came to halt at the amusement park which seems it kinda quiet.

I walked quietly to the entrance as I looked around...

Kayden could be anywhere near. I don't wanna shout his name am just gonna look for him.

I Walk around the place only to meet the shock of my life.


  1. Beautiful but you swap she is a player and saucy romance

  2. Maybe he want to marry her or drfake d devil came callin

  3. Thanks dear author for looking into our complain



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