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💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 55

🌟 Kayden Strucker 👑

" Baby get up it's morning already." I spoke softly as I trailed kissses around her neck.

She moaned softly and flushed her eyes open

"Morning love." She murmured m.

"You were seriously enjoying your sleep I thought you ain't getting outta bed anymore. " I chuckled softly.

" That's if am gonna be with you. ", She said seductively as she pulled me to her and crashed her lips on mine.

We kissed slowly and tenderly filled with heat.

She was clad in one of my shirt.

I slowly unbotton them not breaking the kiss.

I brought out her cute tits and smooched on them. I took one into my mouth and sucked it pretty good.

I did the same thing with the other tits.

She held on to me as she moans sweetly.

My little man was up already.

I brought my fingers in-between her legs and slide it into her V.

She gasps as I finger f**k her .

I brought my face in between her legs and buried it on her vagina.

She shuttered as my tongue teased her clit.

I sucked her clean before putting both legs on my shoulder..

I brought out my little man and slide it into her.

I thrust into her slowly but not too slow.

Her moans were like music to my ears.

I made love till her walls had begun to tighten up around my joystick.

She cummed massively while I did the same in her .

I rolled over and fell on the bed.



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