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💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 54

👑 Kayden Strucker 👑

I left her and went over to the kitchen and prepare something for her before heading back to my room.

She was resting on the bed when I got there.

She stood up Abit on seeing me

"Just thought I could relax Abit", she explained.

"Come on sweetie it's nothing. Quickly come and eat before it gets cold. " I said

She moved closer and picked up a spoon but I smacked her hand and picked it from her.

"Ouch!" She whined.

"Sorry baby. Open up." I said as I shoved a spoonful of turedos into her mom.

"Omg this is delicious I love it." She complimented.

" Specially made for you to say am sorry for being a jerk., I know have been alittle bit at the edge but I want you to know how much I love you., ", I explained.

She smiled and pulled me closer by the collar.

" Come over here lover boy." She whispered and crashed her lips on mine.

I responded immediately as I placed the meal on the floor and got into bed.

I kissed her passionately as our tongues fought for dominance.

I planted kisses all over her face as she unbotton my shirt.

Took her lips in mine again this time tenderly as we kissed passionately again.

I trailed kissses around her neck and suck on. Her ear lobe.

She moan as I did that.

I slowly took off her dress and she was in a matching bra and panties.

Victoria secret fabric hmmm?

I unhooked the bra and toss it aside as I took one of her tits into my mouth and suck on it real good.

I gave equal rights to both tits before moving forward to her V.

I slowly took off her pants and toss it ACROSS the room.

She was wet already.

My groan softly as Mr little man down there was so hard.

I unzipped my zipper and freed him from his cage.

I slowly inserted it into her V and moved in and outta slowly.

I bent over slightly stealing kisses as I thrust into her .

Our moans were the only thing that could be heard.




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