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💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 53

💐 Raye Montez 💐

It's been two weeks since Kayden lost his mom and that two weeks had been pretty awful.

He's changed totally to quiet and sad person.

I really don't want this and I'm so gonna end all .

I miss him so much.

Right now we're out for lunch. He barely said anything as we ate quietly.

"You miss her don't you babe?" I spoke.

He stopped eating and SMiled weakly.

", Yeah I do alot sometimes I really wish this was all a dreams., ",  He said with his voice filled with sadness.

I placed my palm on his.

" I promise we gonna stand by you." I assured.

" I love you so much Raye hope you know that? ", he said with seriousness.

" I love you even more but I miss you. I miss my kayden not this one. " I complained bitterly.

" Am sorry have been such an "ss 'he SMiled.


We went back to his apartment for out precious movie night.

We entwined our fingers so we entered his apartment.

",, We're home." He announced as I walked into his house.

"Yeah yeah who's up for some turedos." He asked.

" It's been awhile since I have one." I explained as I pulled off my shoes.

" Trust me I make the best in town." He boasted

" Oh please don't start.we both know you don't know how to cook anything." I chuckled softly.

" Whatever baby." He rolled his eyes and walked away leaving me to myself..

Kayden can be romantic alot I really am so worried about it.


The death of his mother took a toll on him.

He had distance himself from people and i really don't want that.



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