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Episode 52

❌ Kayden Strucker 🚫

I left the hospital and went home. I went straight to her bedroom.

I slumped to the floor as I cried like child..

It's like a part of me died.

"Mom??? " I said with trembling lips as I sobbed even more.

Why does she had to leave now? Why?

I stood up and went towards the picture frame on the wall.

It was a picture of mom. I took it and placed it on my chest.

" Mom you know how can't do without your cookings. How I couldn't do without you. You always look after me when am sick " i spoke to the photo.

But I got no response.

" Please mom come back to me I don't think there's anything left for me here. " I sniffed.

" No there's nothing left for you but am here and that's all that matters." I heard Raye's voice...

I thought I ditched her at the hospital how did she find me here.

She dropped her bag And sqats infront me.

" She's gone Raye she's gone." I SMiled weakly.

"It's okay baby really kay am sorry." She said with concern..

"But why...." I sobbed quietly.

"It's life and God knows best." She said and pulled me into A hug .

We stayed that way until she insisted I leave the room.

She took me into my room and tuck me into bed...

"Thanks." I Mumbled as i stare at Raye

"For what?" She asked.

" For standing by me even though everything is kinda messed up. " I Mumbled.

" That's why it's been called  a partner it's my duty to stand by you no matter what dear ." She said with a smile.

" I love you. " I muttered.

" I love you more than anything. Now relax while I get you something to eat. " She peeked my forehead.

" Forget it am not really hungry I muttered dryly as I was starting to feel pains .

."   Am sorry but I can't you've to eat okay to be strong." She stood up and walked away..

I'm in deed lucky to have someone like Raye in my life.




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