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💐{ miss arrogant} 💐

Episode 51

💐 Raye Montez 💐

The forensic doctor was just about getting to work when a nurse ran into the ward.

She said my present was needed at a ward ASAP.

I well that's strange because I don't really know anyone

I got outta bed before trailing behind the nurse that took me go the ward

Omg it's Mrs struckers ward and Kay was right there besides her.

His eyes were so red.

"Hello ma'am." I waved happily.

She smiled weakly before requesting me to come closer.

"You're really lucky enough for her . Please take care of my baby boy okay?" She said weakly.

I could clearly see that she has no strength anymore.

"Mom please don't talk like that you'll be fine soon." Kay said sadly..

I placed my head on his shoulder.

" It's okay baby but don't waste time on me it's too late already. Just take care of yourself be the man you've always wanted to be. I love you baby. " With that she took her last breath. 

" No no mom please don't do this okay? You're gonna be fine I promise. " Kay almost ran mad.

" Kay... It's okay. " I held him to me and gave him a hug.

He sobbed quietly in my arms like a child 

This is the worst moments ever.

"She doesn't deserve to die.", He sobbed as I comforted him.

" Am so sorry dear 😔" I peeked his forehead.

" Why do good people always be the ones to suffer ?"  He cleaned his tears and stood up.

" Everything happened for A reason please don't take it out on yourself it wasn't your fault. " I reminded him.

He nodded and left the hospital.

I sighed and before leaving too.

I feel so bad for him , am gonna be with him althrough I don't want him to do anything Stupid.

I cleared the medical expenses before exiting the hospital.


  1. What a pity. May her soul rest in peace. Take heart lovers

  2. Hmmm Rip to her. I sympathise with u kay

  3. Enter your comment...Rip sorry dear



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